Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     This is an unplanned post, but I wanted to let everyone know my mom is still content and safe living in the same skilled nursing community she moved to exactly two years ago!!!  This is a recent picture from a visit with my daughter, Kristin (who just turned 16).  I think of this blog often and have good intentions of posting again more often. We still see signs of her sense of humor, and just when we sometimes think she may have forgotten who I am, she calls me by my name.  Recently, the staff took her out on an adventure to Walmart.  Since she used to work there, I know she must have enjoyed being there again!!  Kristin and I gave her another manicure for Mother's Day.  My brother visits often and is very good about taking my mom outside in the fresh air.  I also enjoy taking her outside this time of year as the grounds are very nice at this senior community.
     Meanwhile, my daughter has finished her freshman year at Michigan State University, my twins are now 16, my son was just selected as a drum major for our high school's marching band, and his twin sister has decided to rejoin the marching band this summer/fall 2016!!!  All three are working this summer as well.  Life is full and busy!!!
    I will share a few more recent pictures of my mom and hope to check in again soon!!!