Welcome to... My Blog!?!?

     Hello??  Is anyone there?  Yes, I am entering the blogging world...at least it looks like I am!  If you know me, you know that I am a "bit" (lol) of a storyteller...  I love to share some of the intimate details of my life....as I see it!!!  Very often, I am able to put a humorous a/k/a sarcastic twist on almost anything...laughter is what keeps me going!  Some have told me I should take my "show" on the road....or that I  should "write a book"!!   Well, maybe this will be the next best thing!! 

     By the way, I love that I am starting this on 1-11-11.....  I mean, I'm not one of those numerology-astrology-fortune teller types....but you have to admit that is a pretty cool date!! 

     Back to the blog....  I hope that blogging will give me an outlet for my secret love of writing while allowing me to share some of my life experiences....the good, the bad...and the ugly!!  I hope you will check in with me on this journey as we Live, Laugh, and Love!!