No Plans Today?? How 'bout a HOT Deal??


     I will make this quick 'cause you gotta go...  Many Targets went 90% off today on Holiday clearance. Of my four closest Targets, two were 90, two still 70%.  I called and if you are nice, they will tell you on the phone the percentage.  You may remember I posted some of my 50% off deals here.      However, my main reason for posting is to share this hidden HOT deal that my cousin and Aunt shared with me a few days ago.  In fact, it was so HOT, I made my purchase at 70% off ($14.99 each)....but the good news for you is, if you're lucky, you can now pick it up for 90% off.  I've been eyeing these Rachel Ray dishes for awhile, but could never quite bring myself to buy them, even when there was a good Kohl's sale and some good Kohl's cash.  But, wait no more!!!!  It is currently scanning at Target for $4.99 (regularly $49.99).  This item is "hidden".  No clearance sign, no clearance area, no special tags.  Just scanning at 90% off!!!  Awesome, right!?
      Here are the other items I got today at 90% off.  I have been to Target several times this past week.  I did not post my 70% off shopping trip.  However, if you REALLY want to see someone who shops Target....visit www.ramblingsofasuburbanmom.com my cousin, Jennifer's blog!!!!!! 

Snowman sugar bowl .49
Blingy zipper pouches .80
Hello Kitty Christmas shirts .99
"Believe" shirts .99
Glass snowman ornaments .80
ELF nail polish .19
Wreath Holder .50

     I am curious...  If you make it to Target, let me know if you get any goodies.  Also, I'd love to know if anyone else gifts themself (or someone else) the Rachel Ray set!!!!!????


Jennifer said...

I can't see the pictures but I am DYING too! I am happy you found it at $4.99!!!!! Woot woot! Which Target was 90% off?

Cindy said...

Sorry about the pics...at least your blog is organized! Also sent you another email...

Ruth said...

Next Christmas Eve I think we'll all be bringing food in our Rachel Ray Bubble and Brown dishes.

Cindy said...

Ha, true! Maybe we can pay the $45 saved to have our names engraved in them! ???

yaya said...

The nearest target is 20mi away but I'm very curious to see what they have. If I get there, I'll let you know! Sounds like great buys and the time to start shopping for next year. Thanks!

The Pawlak Family said...

Awesome. My mom got the Rachel Ray bowels too (not sure if she's already shared that with you on FB- I'm kinda sick of FB for the moment)! I went crazy for the Nemian Marcus stuff at 70%. I got designer stuff for the whole family!