Cedar Point = Good Times

      We are determined to sneak in some summer fun as a family this week before the kids head back to school.  So, we made a trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  Around here, Cedar Point is BIG!  I went there virtually every year as a kid all the way through college years...and even once on a date with my now husband.  Then came marriage, careers, and having babies and not so much Cedar Point for some reason!?  Cedar Point has 75 rides, including 17 roller coasters, more rides than any park in the world!  We are lucky it's just 2 hours away from us.  The kids actually went last year with their dad and I stayed back because we had just got our puppy ("Lucky", the goldendoodle).  Megan also just went in June to Cedar Point for her 8th Grade Field Trip.  I have to say, I am a huge fan of "thrill rides" and love roller coasters, so I was excited it was my turn again!
We arrived shortly after 11 am which is when the park now opens (reduced hours this time of year, which was fine with us 'cause we didn't have to leave before dawn)  This picture was hard to take with my cell phone camera as we were whizzing on by!    

The Sky Ride is one good way of getting around and taking in some views of the park while mapping out your strategy!

This is the Raptor roller coaster (I think!)

A nice view of Sandusky Bay and Cedar Point

Practicing for future backseat driving!  The kids love "driving" these antique cars

Our first time at Chick-fil-A for Lunch

The Mine Ride Roller Coaster
a favorite with the kids! 

Camp Snoopy is an area for the younger kids
(and sometimes the older) 

Aside from the Iron Dragon and Shoot the Rapids, here was the granddaddy of the rides we went on -- The WindSeeker which just opened in 2011!  Here is how Cedar Point describes it: 
"Bordering the Cedar Point Beach, riders on the WindSeeker are treated to dramatic views of Cedar Point, Lake Erie and the Cedar Point Beach.  On WindSeeker, riders sit in open two-passenger swings with their feet dangling in the breeze.  The swings rotate around the 30-story center column as they slowly ascend the tower.  At the top, riders are nearly face-to-face with the very top of the Power Tower and almost as high as the first hill of the Millennium Force roller coaster."
My kids are in this picture somewhere as they start to go up...!!!
(I have to admit it was nerve racking watching all 3 of my precious kids ascend waaaay up high like that!!)
I rode this ride earlier in the day, before I knew about the cool lights at night!  It is intense being up that high with your feet dangling over Lake Erie!

 And Up! 

 AND UP!!!!!

I had to throw in this last picture even though it's totally dark out.  These people won that big gorilla stuffed animal and were in the process of tying it to the roof of their van for the drive back to Michigan!  Too funny!  (I asked if I could take a picture, 'cause I'm crazy like that!)

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Kerri said...

We haven't been to Cedar Point in 4 yrs.....BEST amusement park there is! Love the gorilla on the roof of the car...I didn't think people ever really won those BIG prizes!