IKEA...A Good IDEA!!

     Recently, I finally made my first trip to my local IKEA.  To some of you, no big deal, right!?  Especially, if you are lucky enough to have had one nearby for awhile.  To me, it was a Bucket List item that I thought would get to on June 7, 2006 (the Grand Opening, I looked it up).  How is it that 5 years went by and I just finally got there?  I guess I knew it wasn't the kind of store where you "run in" or "stop by' (unless you live super close).  I am about 30 minutes away from our Michigan location.  I knew it would be an adventure...and I was right!
     My son went to work with his dad, my mom was at "Senior Club" for a few hours, so just me and my two girls headed out to IKEA.  When we arrived, we grabbed a map and headed upstairs where we were pretty sure the cafe was.  We arrived 10 minutes after they opened and had our Big Breakfast" that I had promised the girls.  It was a Tuesday and not terribly crowded.  I have to stop and tell you that I was so excited.  Not just about IKEA.  There have been only a couple of days all summer where I got to do something I wanted to do, and this was one of them.  Without bringing my mom, and knowing I had some time and didn't have to rush!  Sometimes, it's the little things.
     Now back to IKEA!  I just love the layout and "flow" of the store.  There is probably some marketing/technical name for it, but the only way I can describe it is that when you go through the showroom (which is pretty big), you don't really have to think.  Not once did I have to refer to the map or decide which way we should go or which areas we had already seen or not.  Somehow, you just kind of naturally progress from one area to the next, without missing anything.  It may sound insane, but that's how it felt.  All I kept thinking is "where has this store been all my life"!!  (Oh yeah, 30 minutes away!)   I wish IKEA was nearby when I was a newlywed...or just buying my first apartment or house!  Awesome and affordable! 
     Before I close, I have to tell you a secret!  Don't judge.  OK, probably the highlight of my trip was this....I LOVE their shopping carts!!  There, I said it!  No, I'm not even kidding.  When we returned downstairs to the area where you can really start making your purchases, I grabbed a cart.  Immediately, I knew this was not your ordinary shopping cart.  This cart has wheels that effortlessly turn 360 degrees...as if gliding on air!!  LOL!  I actually thought it was the best shopping cart I had ever had the privilege of using!!  Yep, I got giddy over a shopping cart....and I've pushed a lot of 'em in my day!  It can go sideways!!!!!!!!  Just sayin' !!!
     An overall fun experience!  Did I go there for anything in particular? (Not really.)  Did I buy some odds and ends?  (Of course! )  Am I going back with my husband/flat bed pusher? (Yes!)  Does he know it yet? (No!)  Am I bringing an emptier car next time? (Mmmm Hmmm!).  Do I think you should check it out?  (Yes!)
Anyone else out there giddy over IKEA?  I know at least one other blogger who is!

We're there!

Don't ya love the clean lines look to the cafe?

This is plate is called the "Big Breakfast" - Only $1.99
My daughter loves the Lingonberry Juice

My girls, taking in the morning sunny view!

My kids loved this huge sign
In the corner it says "not actual size"

I LOVE these shopping carts - see the wheels
I want to buy one and bring it with me everywhere...
especially the grocery store.  But I probably won't :(

A part of my loot...there is more but it's already "in use"
(and I was too lazy to retrieve it all)

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Sarah said...

Alas, there's not an IKEA anywhere close to us at all! I went to one in California and loved it!