Band Camp (Freshman Year)

Well, today my oldest ("high school freshman") daughter, Megan, went away to Band Camp for the week.  I have GREAT memories of Band Camp when I was in high school.  I hope she has a week of the same -- making memories, sharing laughs, making new friends, etc...!!  I know she will.  I don't think I've been away from her this long since she was 5 years old and me and my husband went to Jamaica for our tenth wedding anniversary!!  (Note to Self:  We are way overdue for another one of those trips!!)
She had to bring the water, she had to bring the clarinet, but did she have to bring a full bag of snacks and the same size suitcase I would bring to Europe for a month??

A kiss goodbye from the only boyfriend her dad ever wants her to have ;)

This doesn't look like the cabins we slept in when I went to Band Camp a few (ahem!?) years ago...  There's a "check-in" with keys?? 

Good thing she's rooming with her BFF...this IS the whole room!  No air conditioning either...Maybe she will miss us afterall!! 


Jennifer said...

so cute!! When does she come home??

*~Dani~* said...

Love the doggie goodbye kiss!