Summer List - Progress Report

    Time for a quick update on our Summer List.  Three weeks from today school starts for all three of my kids.  In June we made a list of some of the fun things we were hoping to do this summer.  Many of our goals have been met and checked off.  Several have been done, but perhaps not to the extent we had hoped for.  Yes, we've had sleepovers, but maybe not as many as we the kids would like.  We have hung out with some of our cousins, but would still like to try to meet up with the others, etc...
     The next few weeks are getting busier with fall sports and school activities picking back up.  However, we are hopeful that by the first day of school, we will be able to check the remainder of items off of our Summer List.  In fact, if all goes well, we will check one more thing off today! 
Stay tuned!
     How is your summer going?  Have you done all of the things you were hoping to do?

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