The Big One...HUNDRED!!

     Wow, I never thought when I tried to start this little blog on a cold December day last year that I would now be on my 100th post.  You see, I tried to "secretly" start this blog with plans of working on it now and then and making it "pretty" later when I had more time.  (Still haven't done the pretty part...as you can see...lol).
     In my naive blogness, I didn't realize that when I was occasionally "commenting" on my cousin's  blog, my Blogger link was showing up to my humble blog...duh!?  Eventually, my family asked me when I was going to do more blog posts!!??  I was shocked...I felt so "exposed"....lol !!  They knew I had started a blog even though I had told nobody and thought it was a big secret.
    Fast forward to now, and I must say, I am pretty hooked and it has been fun interacting with a lot of nice people who I am coming to know through this bloggy world!  I also have come to realize that although my kids aren't cute and little anymore (they were once, trust me!), I could still share pictures and stories to help me and them remember the goings on of our every day lives!!  I do have to say though that I soooooo wish blogging was as popular back then when my kids were younger....it would have been such a good way to connect and watch my kids grow up!! 
     I really don't have a clever way to celebrate this 100th blog post, other than to say thanks for reading!


** Feel free to make 100 comments or find me 100 followers and be
my bloggy friend forever (bff)!!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on #100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

congrats! isn't it a fun feeling??

The Pawlak Family said...

You are BIG time now! And i never heard of towne club...I feel like my parents really let me down!