Mother's Day...Wasn't SO Far Away!!

      It's just not fair, I did a post about Mother's Day with my mom, but never found the time to chat about the Mother's Day I had with my kids.  It was a good one, so I want to remember it!!  Humor me...
     Two of my kids had been on an all day Cedar Point trip the day before, so they got home late Saturday night.  Megan and her dad were left scrambling by themselves that Saturday.  How do I know this?  Well, because they asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day...and I saw their car at Kohl's as I was passing by on my way home from my mom's Mother's Day celebration.  It has become a running joke about the last minute stuff, and I don't think I would know what to do if it were any other way.  Actually, what I almost always ask for is peace and quiet and no kids arguing, etc.  The family has decided they would rather buy gifts -- just to be safe!!  Oh well, can't have everything, right!?
     Probably the nicest surprise on Mother's Day was when my daughter, Megan, who just finished her sophomore year of high school, presented me with this lovely work of art she made in her German 2 class!  After all those years of receiving various cute gifts from all three of my kids in preschool and elementary school...this was an unexpected surprise and felt like we had come full circle in a way.  I have received similar works of art in English, but this was so sweet and I really love it!  She gave it with a disclaimer that it might not make sense because she had to use the MUTTER letters, etc.  Doesn't matter.  I love it and I'm not even totally sure what it says.  (If you know and it's a bunch of bad names...don't tell me!)

Love this!

     One of my biggest wishes is always sleeping in...and I got to do that.  As a bonus. I woke up to this lovely breakfast spread.  This is our famous breakfast casserole that we have on special days quite a lot.  I got the recipe years ago from my aunt and will have to share it some day soon.  It's a keeper.  The best part -- I didn't make any of this!

     Later, we opened some gifts.  The kids gave me a silver cross necklace and some fun colorful cups perfect for me to make my smoothies in.  I also got some Skechers Go Walk shoes which I was wanting to try.  They were perfect in the month of May when there were still many still chilly/rainy days when flip flops on the soccer field would not have worked (as much as I LOVE flip flops!).  They are lightweight, slip on, and comfortable.

     Part of my dream day also involved doing a whole lot of nothing -- which the family seemed rather glad about.  I had been wanting to watch Les Miserables on DVD since I bought it at the end of March before our Florida trip.  Never did get to watch it.  Sooooo, I spent a good three hours on Mother's Day watching and sobbing to Les Miserables.  It was my first time seeing any version of it, and I loved it!!  I love Anne Hathaway and the cast was great!  The kids did a pretty good job of letting me watch it without interruption...until the end when they saw me sobbing, etc...  Then they also become interested and watched part of it, but at that point they had no idea what was really going on nor the reason their mom was sobbing!

     Gosh, so far this Mother's Day was going well!!!  Sleep, food, gifts, a movie and a whole lot of nothing!  Oh, and I stayed in my pjs - didn't even get dressed!!  As dinner time was approaching, all ears were anxious to know what I would desire for dinner.  I was liking still having my pajamas on and really didn't want to go anywhere.  I half kiddingly mentioned how I could really go for my favorite sandwich....which can only be purchased about 40 minutes from our house!!!  My husband said he would go get it!!!!  I was stunned and excited!!  (Perhaps he was also craving one of their sandwiches??)

The Sonoma on Italian from Smackwater Jacks
My Favorite!
      So, you see, I'm not all that hard to please...  It was a low key and happy Mother's Day for me thanks to the kids and my hubby!!!


Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
    Yes, I know it's Tuesday...such is my life lately!!??  After last week's two lengthy posts, I wanted to do a quick update.
     Although my time for "babysitting" my mom's caregivers has been limited, I was able to stop by to see her twice last week.  I am slightly encouraged, as she looked better to me which I hope means she is being looked after properly.
     She had a grilled cheese sandwich that she or someone must have brought back to her apartment, so we encouraged her to finish that.  As you may be able to tell from the picture, my daughter, Megan, was in quite a hurry to leave as she had to be at her new job soon.  Maybe after seeing this picture she will learn to just have a seat next to Grandma like her mom suggested.  (Kids these days!?) 
     I hope it was not my imagination, but my mom just seemed better overall.  I felt comfortable leaving because of it.  I hope to soon do another overnight/spy mission to see how things are really going.

     I also received a phone call from a social worker (while I was in the grocery store with my kids picking out their birthday cake).  Basically, she wanted to see if I was satisfied that things were going better.  At that point, I had only visited my mom once since things were not going well.  I told her only time will tell, and that I was not willing to say things were better at this point.  I told her communication needed to improve, etc.  She told me the on site supervisor was very good and I should feel free to work with her directly.  She said she would trust her parents care with them.  I am still not so sure, but am hopeful things may be improving.
     Then, I stopped by on Friday and found my mom also looking and seeming pretty good.  I stayed long enough to make sure someone picked her up and escorted her to lunch.  They did. I am hoping all of this is a good sign.
     Meanwhile, my latest priority is working on my mom's "Redetermination" paperwork which is due no later than July 1st.  I just received it last week and it a very important form that needs to be completed for my mom to continue to receive Medicaid benefits.  It is kind of tedious...like doing taxes.  I am hoping to get it out in the mail by tomorrow as last year I ended up having to deliver it directly to the Department of Human Services as I did not understand "the system" or the paperwork.  I would rather avoid that trip this year, so I want to get on the ball.
     Still hoping to post about lots of other stuff that has been going on around here!!  We do have fun sometimes, too (really)!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, June 21, 2013

Spying from the balcony to the dining room...
Looks like she got to lunch safe and sound!  Yay!


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     It is no secret I am not a blogging expert!  However, word on the street is that Google Reader will no longer be available as of this July.  At one time, July seemed so far away but now suddenly it is not.
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     In the meantime, I don't really care much about how we stay in touch -- just as long as we do!!


Monday Memories With My Mom - Part Two

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     So, the morning of June 7th I had set my iPhone alarm and surprisingly my mom apparently slept through the night.  At 7 am she was still sleeping and no staff had appeared.  By 7:10 am med staff came in and gave my mom her medication in bed.  That is all they did.  This was just the med person.  I then made my mom aware I was there and had spent the night.  She asked if I had a fight with my husband (Ha!).  She remained lazily in bed and I took a quick shower.
     8:15 am...my mom had fallen back asleep in bed and still I sat wondering where the people that were to assist her before breakfast were??  Breakfast starts at 8 am and ends shortly after 9 am.  My frustration was growing.  Medicine at 7 am and then nothing for another hour and a half.  I telephoned my off site area supervisor contact at 8:30 am and left a voicemail.  Interestingly, at 8:40 am a staff member peeked in my mom's apartment and said "they're coming hun".  (Yeah, right!?)  At 8:50 am Tina came in and seemed to be faking some pleasantries...  Oh, sorry I'm late Mary....  Running a little behind today....  At the risk of sounding cynical, I wasn't buying it and if I hadn't made my phone call I don't know when anyone would have shown up.  By 9:02 am they left for breakfast.  Ideally, you are supposed to be at breakfast by 9 am, but they do leave food out for stragglers.
      All this time, I had to keep myself from helping my mom or interfering any more than I already was.  It was the only way to see how things are happening around there.

Fell Back Asleep

Where Have These Escorts Been...and Where Will They Go If I Leave??

    I then observed (like a spy!), my mom standing at the breakfast table for awhile.  Finally, the wait staff asked what she was doing.  She said she was waiting for her food.  Unfortunately, breakfast is continental...serve yourself and they told her that.  She then went to the counter, with no walker.  (It was a bit startling to watch, but I made myself just observe...) 

Mom...Why are you just standing there?

Yikes, You Just Fell Three Times and Now No Walker?

     My mom then put some food in her walker and appeared to be leaving.  Wait staff said, "Mary, where are you going?"  She said, back to her apartment.  Then, staff told my mom she was supposed to wait for her escort (you could tell she is not normally asked to stay and wait for her escort).  She sat back down and ate.  All the while, I was observing from the balcony.  Finally, I went to the dining room and sat behind her and observed a few more minutes.  A med staff member talked to me for a bit.  I told her some of what was going on with my mom.  I then decided to join my mom and the ladies at the table.  I quickly noticed my mom had nothing to drink.  Typically, the drinks are brought to the residents.  After I mentioned it, the wait staff asked if my mom wanted her cranberry/orange juice cocktail.  Ugh!!  (Does she fall because she is dehydrated?)  A bit later, her escort appeared.  She told me how my mom tried to leave.  I was not terribly sympathetic to her as nobody seems to have the common sense to "cue" my mom.  Like, "Mary go get your breakfast and then you can sit down." or whatever.  I let them work their way back to my mom's apartment.  My brother coincidentally was in the area and stopped by. 
     In the hallway, we were told by staff that they had taken my mom directly to the exercise class right from the dining room (they are both located on the lower level).  I then tried to bring my brother up to speed on some things and the lack of assistance my mom was getting.  While we were talking, the staff came to tell me they had taken her to exercise class.  Then, at the same time, my mom reappeared in the hallway heading back to her apartment.  My brother and I helped redirect my mom to go back to the class (with the escort).  My mom said "nobody came".  We told her it was because she was early.  The staff had delivered my mom to the exercise room 20 minutes before the class was to start.  That is too early.  You can't leave someone with no sense of time alone in an exercise room for 20 minutes.  She has no idea if she is early or late or if there is even going to be a class.  So frustrating.  I am guessing this is what happened when they said she had left the class in my Part One post earlier today.
     After 10:30 am I peeked down to the exercise class.  It was not yet over.  I waited for my mom in her apartment.  She appeared back in the apartment about 10:45 am...with nobody escorting her!  I was amazed that after they knew I was there watching and communicating with their supervisors (I assume they figured that out), and that they STILL are not doing their job!? 
     Don't get me wrong...I can absolutely sympathize with their job.  It's tough and demanding and probably thankless and underpaid.  I have always been very nice to these staff members, but now I am looking at them with distrust and some anger.  Worse yet, my own brother told me that he thinks the staff will do better for awhile and then as soon as I stop looking, or their bosses stop looking, they will stop doing their job again.  I guess this is human nature!?  Unfortunately, my mom's livelihood depends on them doing their job...all of the time.
     I then tried to check out my mom's injuries from the falls.  She was banged up, but I guess it could be worse.  I asked her if she wanted the yogurt she had brought back from breakfast.  She did.

Not Pretty...But Could Probably Be Worse

and then this started happening....

     After sitting with her for awhile, I quickly realized that I could be there the rest of my life and much of the time it would be about as useful as watching paint dry.  I had things to do and places to go.  My brother had come and gone.  My husband wanted me to meet him to look at some decking ideas.  I was exhausted.  As fate would dictate, and as my mom was dozing off, this email message popped up on my phone...

     An email with the subject line reading "Where Are The Alzheimer's Caregiver Helpers?"   I could have broke down right then and there as I was just wondering the exact same thing...  (I would love if you clicked on the link and read the article, particularly if you have a friend or family member in this situation.)  By then it was noon, and instead of breaking down right then and there, I pulled myself together, gave my mom a kiss goodbye, and went on with my day!!  Feeling helpless.
The Day I Had to Take Away the Scotch Tape
     On Monday, June 10th I arrived at 8 am to find my mom sitting on the couch...in wet pants.  I may have woke her up when I came in.  She said she had not gone to breakfast.  As if I was not already on heightened alert, this is what I found on my mom's elbow...and knee...  For the most part, it is tissues with tons of Scotch tape.  Tape that I had to peel off my mom's arm so that her scrapes could properly get some air and heal.  Why did nobody on staff see or question this???  I had not been there for two days...  My heart was aching...my head was spinning...  So pathetic.  Last year all scissors had to go.  This day, I had no choice but to take away the tape!  Did the staff not see this?  Do people have common sense or compassion any more?

Not Good..

Not Good At All !!!!
      Since breakfast starts at 8 am, and nobody came in for 50 minutes...I called the off site Medicaid supervisor, Debra, at 8:50 am.  At 9 am, while I was on the phone with her explaining my dissatisfaction, Tina came in and stood by the door and said "Come on, Mary".  At first she did not see me also sitting there.  I told Tina that my mom was "wet".  All the while I remained on the phone with the supervisor.  Tina then got my mom dressed.  She would not have known my mom was wet if I had not told her.  If I was a betting girl, I would bet my mom slept on the couch through the night...in her clothes.  A few minutes later the medication girl came and gave my mom her pills.   I went on my mom's balcony to continue my conversation with the supervisor.  I was on the phone with her for about an hour.  She was apologetic and appeared to be taking notes.  She added a "tray set up" to my mom's breakfast services when I told her she did not initially get her own breakfast.  We "tweaked" my mom's "care plan", but for the most part the plan that was already in place is not being carried out.  After that conversation, I could not stay and left at 9:20 am.  

I think I'm done with the pop...3 cans at the same time

     On June 12th, I touched base with my Area Agency on Aging case manager.  She knows I am having difficulties with the staff.  She wants to be kept informed as there are measures in place to make record of services not being provided.  She is going on maternity leave in a week.  I will be assigned another case manager in her absence.  I also spoke again with Debra.  I wanted to know who my key contact person should be at the Med Team.  She did not give me a straight answer and said anyone could help.  I was hoping to hear some kind of good news about my situation.  Instead, I was told that ultimately all they could do is "spot checks".  I did learn, however, that staff has permission to get my mom from Don's room for meals.  Normally, they are not supposed to go to other resident's apartments.  We are tweaking things, but I still feel and told her that even the basics are not happening and that common sense is not being exercised.  She has said that their staff cannot work one on one with my mom.  I get that.  However, I told her I had not yet seen a 24 hour or 48 hour period where even my mom's meal needs were being met.  She apologized, but was a bit dismissive.  I still am distrusting and unsure.
     On June 14th, Kristin had a dental appointment not too far from my mom's place.  After her appointment, we arrived at 8:50 am and my mom was not in her apartment.  I sent Kristin as my spy to see if her Grandma was in the dining room while I looked around the apartment for signs of improvement.  I was slightly encouraged to find my mom and Kristin coming back to the apartment shortly thereafter.  Unfortunately, her only escort was Kristin, but it appeared she had been to breakfast as she had a covered travel juice cup in her basket.  She also was dressed pretty good and her hair looked ok.
     I breathed a small sigh of relief hoping perhaps my mom had been looked after that morning.  At 9:45 am Tina came in with my moms pills.  (Why are pills at 7 am Friday and almost 10 am another day??)  Kristin convinced my mom she should get her nails done.  She has not wanted them done in a long time. 

The Girls...Together Again
A Hopeful Sign...the Salon is Back in Business
     At 9:52 am we walked my mom to the exercise class and waited with her and two other women for the class to start.  Once it did, Kristin and I said our goodbyes.  I was at first discouraged that they did not escort her to exercise class (we did), but then realized we had made a plan for Fridays to be no exercise and instead she was to get an escort to the evening movie at 7 pm. 
     So, when I called my mom that night at 7:45 pm and she was not at the movie and said she was in her pajamas, I was again a bit discouraged.
     This, my friends, is the story of only part of my life these last few weeks.  My kids are now home for the summer.  Things are busy, but I am determined to try to work with these people and get things back to the way they should be and the way they were.  I cannot properly evaluate my mom unless I know they are properly giving her the assistance she needs.
     Any advice or words of wisdom are, as always, welcomed and appreciated! 
Thanks for following -- you people are the best!!!


Monday Memories With My Mom - Part One

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Oh gosh, where do I begin?  Well, Thanks!  Thank you to all for your nice comments on my brief update from last week.  Things were looking particularly hopeless and bad, and I was pretty overwhelmed with that and all that was going on in general.  Things are seeming a tad bit better as I write this, but only time will tell.  All in all, my mom is ok but has had some set backs and I have become even more aware of just how very inconsistent and often non-existent the services we count on are being provided to her by the medical staff.
     I will probably break this post down into two parts for my sake (and yours!).  Remember, I am doing this for my own record of events and to raise awareness of why caregiving for someone with Alzheimer's Disease has so many aspects that make it unlike any other kind of caregiving (oh, and your empathy and support has been a nice bonus, too!!).   Meanwhile, I am very aware that I am no longer a 24/7 hands on caregiver.  Thus, the reason I need to be able to count on others.
     As we last left off, I was to take my mom on a follow up dental appointment.  Thankfully, it went ok from a dental standpoint, although my mom was extremely agitated and "inquisitive" during the entire process.  Afterwards, I knew there was one thing that was long overdue.  We needed to get rid of -- once and for all -- that humongous bag that was on my mom's walker.  At some point, some well-meaning staff person provided her a huge bag.  For awhile, she was doing okay with it and not hoarding everything but the kitchen sink.  That seems long ago.  When I moved her into this apartment, she had a small red basket attached to her walker as I knew she would need a place for keys and mail to and from the dining room area.  So, I went back to the dollar store and bought another small basket.  I think the final straw for doing this was when the ceramic plate with toast on it and other icky food items were recently found in her "walker bag".  It was amazing...in a bad way.

This Cleaning Was Getting OLD!!
     Not surprisingly, she is walking a bit faster now that there is not 50 lbs. of stuff attached to the walker and she has room for her legs inside the walker (oh, and shame on me for not nipping this in the bud sooner)!!
Muffin and Keys is all she needs...

     As I eluded to in my May 27th post, I had filled out in great detail a survey from the Med Team people.  I had also received a call from their "area supervisor" the Friday before Memorial Day (May 24th).  I was hopeful as the supervisor seemed concerned and that he would be overseeing the staff and rectifying the situation.  Specifically, lack of proper escorts, AM care, PM care, lack of communication on falls and medication slip ups to name a few.  Escorts to social events and exercise class are also supposed to be happening.
     On Friday, May 31st the supervisor telephoned to tell me my mom left the exercise class after a few minutes and when the escort took her back again my mom said she wanted to go to the movie.  (There is no movie in the morning.)  I felt sad and frustrated that it appeared my mom did not cooperate with the escort, but also strongly feel that it is because THEY have let my mom's scheduled routine slip and that she is not in the groove she was several months ago.  Also, I now know what may have actually happened.  Stay tuned for that.
     On June 4th I was anxious to arrive early to pick my mom up for her neurologist appointment.  I was anxious because I thought that certainly after letting my concerns be known and speaking with the supervisor that I would be excited to see my mom once again getting the help she needs.  Not so fast...  I arrived at 9:45 am in hopes of witnessing the staff picking up my mom for 10 am chair exercise class.  Instead, she was in her bathroom in need of assistance.  I helped her and re-dressed her.  She apologized and thanked me.  Then, when still nobody came to get her by 10:15 am, we had to leave for her doctor appointment.  As we were leaving, I looked downstairs and confirmed that the exercise class was, indeed, taking place.
     My disappointment was setting in.  Then there was the over 30 minutes car ride to the doctor.  What doctor?  What road are we on?  What road is he on?  Can I bring Muffin (he was in her lap), Does he want to see if I'm crazy?  Over and over for the whole ride.
     I was determined to try to pinpoint the neurologist on why my mom seems extra "off" lately.  I asked if it could be seizures or mini strokes.  He said it was not.  It was her dementia worsening.  I asked if there were ways to distract her that I was not aware of or ways to cope.  He gave me nothing and said there was nothing else I could do.  He did say we could do an EEG to confirm there were no seizures, but since she is on medication for seizures he did not expect to find anything.  I was willing to give it a try, but they could not fit us in their schedule while we were there.  I am debating whether to reschedule this probably unnecessary test.  It was not fun.  It's kind of a hopeless type appointment.  He can't seem to do much, I can't seem to do much, and my mom can't seem to do much.  That's Alzheimer's...
     The best thing that happened was me getting the ceremonious Icee drink for the car ride back.  It kept my mom happy, busy, and quiet for most of the ride home.  It's ironic to know there will be a day where I wish she could talk again.  We returned by 12:30 pm and I left her in her apartment in hopes of her being available for her lunch escort.  Lunch begins at 1:00 pm.  I called her at 1:20 pm.  She was in her apartment.  Nobody came and got her for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!  I was furious!  I called my off site "area supervisor" guy.  I told him I was hoping to be impressed and was not.  I told him I was frustrated.  He said he was in the car on his way there and that he would be "writing people up".  That's great, meanwhile my mom has not had lunch...

What Doctor?  Can I Bring Muffin?...

She sits like this all the time...can't be good for her??  I've tried lots of things.
(I also sit like that at my house...)

   The next day, the supervisor followed up with me by phone.  He confirmed that she did not get an exercise escort or lunch escort.  He suggested working with my mom on making a monthly schedule of escorts, i.e. movie, exercise class, etc.  I suggested he work directly with me instead as my mom is generally not able to make her own decisions.  By the way, a plan is already supposed to be in place.  Monday-Friday exercise 10 am, Saturday's Music Program, and Sundays on site church.  I asked him if she had been escorted TODAY to her meals.  He called back and confirmed she had been to breakfast and lunch.  Do I trust any of them at this point...no!
     That same day, at 10:30 pm, Med Team staff called.  My mom had fallen in Don's apartment living room.  I was told Don's daughter alerted the Med Team of the fall.  During this phone call I asked and learned that neither my mom nor Don had been to dinner.  My mom also did not get some of her meds as they could not find her.  I learned these things by asking, they did not offer it.  They told me she was disoriented by just scraped, not bleeding.  When they called, she was back in her apartment with food and ready for bed and watching tv.  The only good news...they let me know about the fall. 
     The next morning, June 6th, I called my mom at 9:30 am.  Asked if she went to breakfast.  She said no (????).  Told her I heard she fell in Don's apartment last night.  She said she hasn't seen Don in a long time.  (She always says that lately, and I believe if she had not gotten "in trouble" for seeing him, she would not be so secretive.)  I asked if she was dressed.  She said she "kind of" was.  She said she had pants on and her robe.  I called again at 10:05 am.  She was not at exercise class.
     At 11 am...Kim, the behavioral nurse whom I've worked with before called.  She heard I am having problems with Med Team staff (which she is a part of) and will work with me the next few weeks to evaluate my mom and she got the on staff doctor to write an order for it....  She will give me an update after she sees her twice.  I told her specifically a couple of the problems I was having.  I like this nurse as she understood and sided with me with regards to my mom and Don being companions.
     By noon that day, I knew what I had to do.  Call Don's daughter (whom I hadn't spoken to in months since she abruptly ended a phone call where I told her I did not see a problem or solution for my mom and her dad spending time together...).  I thanked her for alerting the staff of my mom's fall.  I said I knew that she is not fond of my mom or her spending time with her dad.  I got choked up and started to tear up.  She sensed that I was upset and kindly explained that she was on the phone with her dad when my mom had fallen and walked him through what to do, including pressing my mom's medical alert bracelet.  She also told me it is not that she does not like my mom, just that it makes her job of taking care of her dad more difficult.  I explained to her that my mom is not getting the services like she should and asked for her patience and understanding while I try to sort things out.  I even mentioned that my mom was missing her two rings in case she ever stumbles upon them.  Her dad was also missing some jewelry.  She was very nice and I'm glad I called her.
     At 8:15 pm that night I received another call from the Med Team staff (Lakeesha).  She said my mom had fallen at 4 (and 6 pm).  (Thanks for the call 4 hours later...)  She was on her living room floor flat on her face...  She had not used her walker.  My mom said she tripped over her own feet.  The 6 pm fall they found her when they got her for dinner.  They brought her food to the room instead because of the two falls.  Med Team said my mom said she was trying to change the channel on the tv!??  That was three falls within 24 hours...for those keeping track.  Staff did not think it was necessary for me to come over.  I did.
     I arrived by 10pm.  There she was in pjs sitting on the couch and I could see her dinner was eaten.  She went to bed easily for me once I turned her light on so she could sit in bed and read.  My mom is a super light sleeper.  I almost forgot that and tried not to move a muscle while I was there.  I shimmied my way to the extra bedroom and by 11:30 pm my mom was dozing off and talking in her sleep.  Despite being told they would "keep an eye on her", no staff checked on her throughout the night while I was there.  I barely slept as I was convinced she was likely to fall if she got out of bed.  I never did hear her get out of bed and despite hearing her occasionally talking to "Muffin" in the middle of the night, I managed to get a little sleep...
     There is more...  Part Two later today!!!


Seems ok...  What Are You Doing Here?


The Father Of Our Children...

Happy Father's Day to My Husband...
Who is currently at the Movies seeing Ironman 3 with our children...thus allowing me the time to do this quick post!!!!


Monday Memories With My Mom

Wanted to let you know,
Things could be better...
A lot has been going on with my mom.
She is struggling
She is not getting the help that I count on
The help she needs.
Much of the time my head is spinning and my heart is aching...

Borrowed From Arlene at www.mommanme.blogspot.com/

For me, I am walking the fine line of taking care of my mom
And being a mom
My kids are wrapping up the school year
There is excitement in the air!!
Trying to focus on us...and them...and my mom.

I know we'll get through it!
I will update as soon as time allows.