Mother's Day...Wasn't SO Far Away!!

      It's just not fair, I did a post about Mother's Day with my mom, but never found the time to chat about the Mother's Day I had with my kids.  It was a good one, so I want to remember it!!  Humor me...
     Two of my kids had been on an all day Cedar Point trip the day before, so they got home late Saturday night.  Megan and her dad were left scrambling by themselves that Saturday.  How do I know this?  Well, because they asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day...and I saw their car at Kohl's as I was passing by on my way home from my mom's Mother's Day celebration.  It has become a running joke about the last minute stuff, and I don't think I would know what to do if it were any other way.  Actually, what I almost always ask for is peace and quiet and no kids arguing, etc.  The family has decided they would rather buy gifts -- just to be safe!!  Oh well, can't have everything, right!?
     Probably the nicest surprise on Mother's Day was when my daughter, Megan, who just finished her sophomore year of high school, presented me with this lovely work of art she made in her German 2 class!  After all those years of receiving various cute gifts from all three of my kids in preschool and elementary school...this was an unexpected surprise and felt like we had come full circle in a way.  I have received similar works of art in English, but this was so sweet and I really love it!  She gave it with a disclaimer that it might not make sense because she had to use the MUTTER letters, etc.  Doesn't matter.  I love it and I'm not even totally sure what it says.  (If you know and it's a bunch of bad names...don't tell me!)

Love this!

     One of my biggest wishes is always sleeping in...and I got to do that.  As a bonus. I woke up to this lovely breakfast spread.  This is our famous breakfast casserole that we have on special days quite a lot.  I got the recipe years ago from my aunt and will have to share it some day soon.  It's a keeper.  The best part -- I didn't make any of this!

     Later, we opened some gifts.  The kids gave me a silver cross necklace and some fun colorful cups perfect for me to make my smoothies in.  I also got some Skechers Go Walk shoes which I was wanting to try.  They were perfect in the month of May when there were still many still chilly/rainy days when flip flops on the soccer field would not have worked (as much as I LOVE flip flops!).  They are lightweight, slip on, and comfortable.

     Part of my dream day also involved doing a whole lot of nothing -- which the family seemed rather glad about.  I had been wanting to watch Les Miserables on DVD since I bought it at the end of March before our Florida trip.  Never did get to watch it.  Sooooo, I spent a good three hours on Mother's Day watching and sobbing to Les Miserables.  It was my first time seeing any version of it, and I loved it!!  I love Anne Hathaway and the cast was great!  The kids did a pretty good job of letting me watch it without interruption...until the end when they saw me sobbing, etc...  Then they also become interested and watched part of it, but at that point they had no idea what was really going on nor the reason their mom was sobbing!

     Gosh, so far this Mother's Day was going well!!!  Sleep, food, gifts, a movie and a whole lot of nothing!  Oh, and I stayed in my pjs - didn't even get dressed!!  As dinner time was approaching, all ears were anxious to know what I would desire for dinner.  I was liking still having my pajamas on and really didn't want to go anywhere.  I half kiddingly mentioned how I could really go for my favorite sandwich....which can only be purchased about 40 minutes from our house!!!  My husband said he would go get it!!!!  I was stunned and excited!!  (Perhaps he was also craving one of their sandwiches??)

The Sonoma on Italian from Smackwater Jacks
My Favorite!
      So, you see, I'm not all that hard to please...  It was a low key and happy Mother's Day for me thanks to the kids and my hubby!!!


Jennifer Anderson said...

Love this!! So glad you were celebrated, sounds like a fabulous day :)

yaya said...

What a thoughtful family! I love that you were pampered and taken care of for a change since you are the caretaker in so many other ways in your family. So belated Happy Mother's Day!