Furniture Fiasco (from Ewwww to New!)

     We have been on the lookout for furniture for a few years.  (Yes, I said a few years.)  Our family room couch and loveseat got so bad that I have been gradually adding them and the two matching chairs to our trash (they only let you throw out one big item per week).  I figured that would force us to start looking more seriously, plus I was just sooooo tired of looking at it that it became a daily eyesore.  The furniture got soooo bad and had been through soooo much.  We got it when we first moved to this house which was in 1996.  (Yes, I said 1996...)  To say it was falling apart would be an understatement.  I hesitate to even show a picture of the old stuff for fear of 'causing you to scream in fright -- and heaven forbid if one of those great designer bloggers chose today to check out my blog!!??  I shudder to think....  So, instead, I have gone into the garage where the beast awaits garbage day and snapped a picture of the "pattern" so you would get the idea...  (Was I right??  You're welcome...lol)
     Apparently, here at our house my husband we like to go from procrastination to spontaneity in the blink of an eye.  On a recent trip to Costco (love) we ended up browsing around.  (Side Note:  I actually stopped to get the kids an inexpensive but yummy lunch because we were already in the area.)  When we came upon the furniture aisles, I instantly was eyeing this leather sofa and loveseat.  We had been leaning towards leather and this seemed to have the color, texture and comfort I was looking for!  I had the kids give it a test run and we took a quick picture to show dad later on.  I know leather furniture is by no means hard to find, but we despise furniture shopping when there are salespeople involved, and the husband loathes pretty much any kind of shopping.  In our prior attempts to check out furniture stores, we came up empty handed and usually left not loving anything and feeling that the markup was ridiculous. 
     I had sort of forgotten that Costco is one of the few stores where my husband does seem to feel "at home".  That could explain why the very next day after I had showed a picture of the furniture to my husband, he came home early from work and said "let's go check it out".  Well, we saw it, loved it, and then realized it was a little late to be borrowing or renting a truck and all that jazz.  So, we kinda left without a plan, except we agreed we liked it.
     Next day husband comes home and without any conferencing with me, rents a U-Haul, takes the kids, picks it up, and after quite a fiasco, some help from Jacob and my brother, and chaos moving furniture out and in, we are now the proud owners of new furniture.  This, of course, means I have to redo the whole family room.  Wait for that "reveal" in another month to ten years!? 
     All's well that ends well I guess...  Is anyone else not a furniture shopping fan?  There must be a better way, right!?

(Maybe Good for a Pillow...not the Entire Set of Furniture)

(The sun happened to be coming in as if to say....Hallelujah!!!!)


Sarah said...

i love the rich tone of it!

Cindy said...

Thanks Sarah! ;)

Jennifer said...

I love it! I can't wait to see it in person!

Cindy said...

Thanks Jen!!

The Pawlak Family said...

How fun! I actually LOVE shopping for new furniture...but for obvious reasons I have to hold back from picking up large items whenever I head out. Now just think of all the new fun accessories you'll have to get!!!

*~Dani~* said...

I love it! I have never been a fan of leather furniture, but we have some in our office lobby that is so damn comfortable. Maybe I should ask them where they got it from?

Congrats on your new furniture!! I am working with couches from 2002. Not as old as yours, but getting there.