Happiness is...

     Recently our old 55" RCA rear projection screen TV finally bit the dust.  After doing some quick math, I think we have had that old TV since 1998.  That means we got a good 12 years out of that thing.  It also means my kids saw their first episode of Elmo's World, Blues Clues, Teletubbies, Barney, The Big Comfy Couch, The Wiggles and Little Bear on that TV.  Back in the day, it was considered a pretty cool TV.  (Gosh, now that I've realized it has sentimental value, maybe I wouldn't have been so quick to wheel it directly out to the garbage...  I could have at least taken a picture of it!?)
     Oh well, fast forward to our recent quick trips to Walmart, Target and Costco and here we have a picture of the proud new owner of a 60" LG Plasma TV purchased on a recent Sunday at Costco.  We were also considering a 55" Vizio LED, however, after a quick phone call to my brother who had recently bought his own new TV, he said "bigger is always better" and "go Plasma".  Men are all the same, right? 
     Although Costco is a store known for its bulk purchases, there was something particularly funny (and embarrassing) about watching my husband trying to put this big box on one of those big carts (of course he wasn't going to ask for help, so I asked the Costco guy for him), and then wheeling it to the checkout trying to hide his smile while everyone seemed to be staring at us as if to say....gosh really?  Don't you just need a giant bag of toilet paper or a case of water like the rest of us!??

     Truth be told, we all do have some TV shows we are addicted to.  Thanks to the DVR, it is usually possible to keep everyone happy.  The kids also like to play their Wii games -- Just Dance 2 is quite popular with them lately.  Oh, and me, I can't complain ...nothing like some "Real Housewives" drama or Oprah herself coming directly into our family room!! 

**NOTE the above pictures were taken by an average cell phone....not great quality**


Jennifer said...

ohhh I love it!! and I love that you took a picture of George in Costco! I bet he was thrilled. let's have a real housewives of the OC party at your house on your giant new tv!!!

Ruth said...

I agree that bigger is better especially with a tv. Oprah must look practically life size on that screen!

*~Dani~* said...

I am not sure if a life size Oprah is a good or bad thing, but I do know a giant TV is always a good thing.

The Pawlak Family said...

I'm in...when's the real housewives party?. Who wouldn't love for Vicki to be right in their living room?!?! Let us know how you like the TV, jon and I are shopping around (and frankly we're tired of being the toilet paper people at costco). Yeah blogging!

Cindy said...

@ Jenny...I think we may have to have that RH party!
@Aunt Ruth Yeah, you're right!
@ Dani...FUNNY, you're right about Oprah!
@ Pawlaks...So far LOVE the TV and Real Housewives!