Welcome to... My Blog!?!?

     Hello??  Is anyone there?  Yes, I am entering the blogging world...at least it looks like I am!  If you know me, you know that I am a "bit" (lol) of a storyteller...  I love to share some of the intimate details of my life....as I see it!!!  Very often, I am able to put a humorous a/k/a sarcastic twist on almost anything...laughter is what keeps me going!  Some have told me I should take my "show" on the road....or that I  should "write a book"!!   Well, maybe this will be the next best thing!! 

     By the way, I love that I am starting this on 1-11-11.....  I mean, I'm not one of those numerology-astrology-fortune teller types....but you have to admit that is a pretty cool date!! 

     Back to the blog....  I hope that blogging will give me an outlet for my secret love of writing while allowing me to share some of my life experiences....the good, the bad...and the ugly!!  I hope you will check in with me on this journey as we Live, Laugh, and Love!!


Ruth said...

Hey, I'm out here waiting for more blog posts. I'm sure things are interesting at your house.

Jennifer said...

When is update #2???????????????????????????