They Were Right...Kids Do Grow Up Fast!

     During the month of March the schools do a lot of preparation for the following school year.  There are meetings, more notes and paperwork, scheduling, and the planning goes into full swing.  This I knew, and yet I wasn't totally prepared for the reality that Megan will be a freshman in high school and Jacob and Kristin will begin middle school -- all this Fall.  With this comes important decisions for both students and parents.  Which extracurricular activities, enroll in laptop program, start/continue band, which electives are appropriate, will honors classes be too difficult, buy or rent an instrument, foreign language/which one, etc...? ?  Lots to consider. 

     But for now, never mind that.  It truly seems like only a year or two ago when Jacob and Kristin got on the big yellow bus to go to kindergarten, and Megan just started middle school...didn't she??  I think it's safe to say that when the elementary school has their 5th grade graduation and the middle school graduates their 8th graders....well, let's just say I will need to be sure I have my tissues with me.  Afterall, I have had kids in elementary school for the past nine years and then, presto! -- we are done with the parties, and the valentines, recess, snow pants, homeroom teachers, etc...  Yes, I know, growing up is good (for other people's kids)!

Kristin, Megan and Jacob - KINDERGARTEN

Krstin, Megan, Jacob
   Another case in point.  Last month I attended one of my BFF's daughter's wedding!!  How is this even possible??  Believe it or not, I don't feel old enough.  I was at the hospital when she was born, I was thrilled to be chosen as her godmother, I was one of her first babysitters when she was a newborn,  I remember her dressing up for Halloween, softball games, homecomings, proms, high school graduation, college graduation, first "real" job...  Now, she has grown up to become a beautiful, smart, caring young woman....and she is married!

My BFF Nancy and Daughters Sarah and Shelby
Wedding Day - February 26, 2011
     Maybe it's not that they're growing up....it's that their growing up means... I am getting older!!

Old Woman Knitting a Sock - Royalty Free Clipart Picture


Jennifer said...

OMG, they look like such babies in the first picture!!! And I do NOT think that is you in the bottom picture! You've got tons of time before then!

Nancy said...

Very nice . . . remember, they do grow up, but they also grow "closer"!