Ding Dong...Ding Dong...Police!?

     Sunday night I went to bed somewhere between 11:30 pm and midnite.  Often I stay up later, but not last night.  Suddenly, around 12:45 am I  thought I heard the doorbell ring.  I startled awake and then I realized I really did hear the doorbell ring!  I whack my snoring husband....twice...and say "I think someone is ringing the doorbell".  I kinda throw on a robe and go down the stairs...peek out and see a car with headlights in the driveway, but could not tell what kind of car it was.  My heart is pounding...I peek through the blinds and see a policeman (a rather handsome policeman) on my front porch.  My husband was slowly following behind me.  I crack open the door, and he says..."sorry to bother you...I noticed your garage door was open and there have been a number of thefts in the area recently so I wanted to check and make sure everything's okay"...  I thanked him and told him the kids must have left it open -- all the while fumbling and trying to keep my robe tied tightly so as not to be arrested for indecent exposure...lol.

     Those kids....that husband!!  The husband recently put in a new garage door opener but apparently the laser or whatever, sometimes gets out of alignment and the door does not close all the way.  The kids were outside last night and thought it closed, but it didn't. 

     Meanwhile, did my dog, who sleeps in a crate on our main floor even bark or stand up during this door bell/policeman exchange???  Nope!  Did my mom*, who happens to be staying with us on our main floor, wake up?  Nope.  So much for security...  From now on I will be doublechecking our garage door like I used to before I  go to bed.  If for no other reason than to avoid interrupting my sleep. 

     I went back to bed a little shaken (something about seeing a policeman at your front door in the middle of the night....when you did not call them...thought my house was on fire or something!?).   I guess that would have been a firefighter....

and they wake you up to tell you so!!!
 *More on my mom in a future post.


Jonathan said...

Man where do you live?! White lake is such a rough area with the theft and all...geeeezzzz! lol

Cindy said...

@ Jon...Yes, we are in the "hood" near Milford...lol :)