Odds and Ends

     Time for some "Odds and Ends"...cleaning out the cell phone camera, no editing, just random pictures of some goings on...  :)

My daughter and her buddy Kaleigh hanging out in a box (leftover from our recent Furniture Fiasco)
(Apparently "tweens" still like boxes!)

A totally cute "Candy Cake" given to my kids by my good friend, Alyce!!

Kristin relaxing in the pool with her "noodle"!
(Just looking at her relaxes me!!)

Kristin (not relaxed like above) and her buddy Kaleigh hanging out at the local park!

Megan greeting her BFF, Alexis, who returned from 3 weeks in Europe!

AND, Jacob, who recently took it upon himself to "edge" our lawn!
(I love that little man!)

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