Creating a Calm...Before the Storm

     Here in the Midwest, we are not preparing for Hurricane Irene.  However, we are thinking of those of you who are and pray for your safety on the East Coast.
     Our family has been simply trying to have some last minute family/relaxation time ("calm") before summers end and the "storm", which in this case is sports, school, and a lot of transitions taking place at the same time.  We are grateful for the last few days, which have brought us closer together and will help us feel prepared for both the chaos and fun that lies ahead.
     Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Melissa, for taking care of my mom so we could get away for a few days!!

Love this picture of my Lucky "chillin' on the beach!

My Girls Insisted On This Picture of a Handstand in Lake Huron
(Four Legs and a Buoy)

Jacob After Surfing Lake Huron

Kristin Found Some Bubbles at Our Cottage

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The Pawlak Family said...

Oh how fun! Nothing's better than beach days. Yes, enjoy the calm before the storm. I, however, have found myself in the eye of the storm already (ugh).