Words FOR Friends

     So, ya know that thing called Pinterest!?  Well, I sometimes wish I had no other responsibilities besides pinning, crafting, and baking or cooking the treats on there.  Oh, and of course traveling to all of the exotic beautiful places, too -- especially the tropical ones!!  Reality check -- I have three kids, a big Goldendoodle dog, a mom who needs my care, and a husband who is sometimes like another kid.  However, I have managed to do a few crafts and make a few recipes which you can see here and here.
     One of my BFFs, Donna, had a birthday about a month before Christmas.  Somehow she and my other BFF, Nancy, were able to get together for a rather last minute GNO (Girl's Night Out) on her birthday eve.  Donna LOVES the game Words With Friends.  Well, guess what!?  She's also really really good at it.  I mean, I knew she was "smart", afterall she went to The University of Michigan (Go Blue!), but she comes up with 80 - 120 pt. words quite frequently.  I especially laugh when they are words that I am quite sure I have never heard her use in a sentence, in the 35 years I have know her.   She's good and frustrating to play, which brings out my competitiveness and yet I always lose to her!!  The real kicker...I told her about the game in the first place and now she just keeps wanting to beat play me.
    So, I've wanted to make her these Scrabble coasters from Pinterest and thought she just might be the one to appreciate them -- for the girl who has everything!  Oh, and she might like wine, too!!?

     I pretty much followed the directions, however I used those rubber foam sheets for my backing instead of cork (I used brown).  I think that worked out ok.  I do regret using polyurethane instead of shellac as a sealant.  It changed the color of the tiles, and I liked the original natural color better.  I also made my coasters a bit bigger, 5 tiles x 4 tiles instead of 4 x 4 tiles in case she wanted to use them with a big coffee mug.  As with most things, I did this project in a bit of a rush and the coasters were barely dry when I gave them to her.  Allow yourself more drying time than I did and you will have a neater finished product!!!
     She seemed to love them and was amazed that I "made" them.  She was also drinking wine at the time, so more easily impressed perhaps!?  (Ha!  That was part of my plan!!)  I did manage to squeeze in a few of our favorite words as best I could.  Her husband is an MSU grad, so thus the reference to MSU.  I'll spare you the other personal references, but you might be able to spot them yourself!!
     Are you a Words with Friends or Scrabble player??  It was a fun easy little project and perfect if you are a "wordy" or want to give a gift to someone who is!!! 




yaya said...

Very cute and very clever and I too enjoy Pinterest when I have a few days to really look at it! I think you did a good job. I hope when it was unwrapped they didn't stick together if they were still damp...I'm sure they didn't, right? The best gifts are the ones made from love!

Nancy Anthony said...

Wow, very impressive!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Love these - I agree I like the natural state of the tiles too, but these look "richer". Nice job!

Donna said...

OMG...and here I am! Ever so late in reading your blog!! Love, love, LOVE my coasters...a very clever and special gift, for sure! "Vegetally" yours...ha ha ha