Blogger...We Have a Problem :(

As you may have noticed, my recent Target post did not have pictures (it now does...I had to go back and edit via html). I was also posting in a rush...not good.
Come to find out there is an actual Blogger issue with posting pics the way I normally do... Ugh!! I like to edit my pics. So far I have only played with Picasa, but normally download via memory card, edit in my laptop Pictures library, and then "Browse" and select pics when composing a post.
I know there are better/faster ways. How do you guys do it?? I will be taking more pics with my iPhone now, so what is the bestest fastest way?? Tell me oh smart bloggers!!

**I did this post via Blogger app...and I don't really like it!


RockinMom said...

I usually upload my pictures to Flickr and then there is a share button I cluck on and it gives me the HTML code I just cut and paste into the HTML page of my posts. It usually only takes seconds to do. For some reason I have run into issues for my last two posts. Not sure if it is a Flickr issue or blogger.

RockinMom said...

Oh and have you heard of Ribbit for photo editing? I usually use Lightroom but for quick fixes ribbit is good and FREE. It is the same platform picnik had.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

For over 3 years I have been using Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts. It's easy and free but best of all I have never had a problem. :)

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I too have been having a problem with Blogger. Not really sure when/if they will fix it, so I've been using Windows Live Writer too. It's easy and works great!