2013...All the Makings of a Big Year!!!

     So, my kids went back to school today, I took down the tree and all the Christmas stuff, and my calendar is pretty current!! 
     There's nothing like a clean slate to motivate and make some changes.  I feel the need to get organized, reclaim the parts of the house I have lost control over, and in the process feel better mentally and physically.  More of that to come.
     As far as actual resolutions, I don't really make them anymore.  I always seek to be a better person and a healthier person, not just on January 1st.
     While updating my calendar for 2013 I became very aware what a big year this is going to be for us...a milestone year!!  Speaking of calendars, I know many of you have the super fancy ones like Erin Condren, or use an app on your phone, or perhaps the ol' Franklin planner.  However, I have found this Family Time Mine spiral calendar to fit my needs in keeping the five of us, plus my mom and the dog all on track.  It's only like $20 or so on Amazon.  But, I digress.  So here are the milestones coming up in our family of five:
In May my husband and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary
In June I will turn the Big 5-0 AND Jacob and Kristin with become teenagers -- 13!!!!!
In September Megan will turn Sweet 16 (at least I hope it's sweet!)!!!!
In November, my dad will turn 70!!
     No matter how you keep track, time is going oh so quickly!!  The reality that my kids will not always be living with us is starting to set in with Megan having about 2 1/2 years of high school left and Jacob and Kristin on the fast track to high school as well. 
     I hope in the new year I am able to slow things down just long enough to savor the memories made while giving my kids the tools to become happy, caring adults who are able to make good decisions and find their way in this world!!
What are you looking forward to?  Any great plans, milestones or resolutions??
**Of course, I have not been sponsored by anyone to praise this calendar! 


Jennifer said...

I always thought you were 16 years older than me. I must have made that up?? LOL. Or I will just pretend I am turning 34 this year. That wouldn't be so bad!

Cindy said...

Ok...but I don't even know how old you are...? I just know you're thirty something and younger than me!!

yaya said...

I'm turning 60 this year..makes you just a little baby! All my kiddos are grown and now my oldest Granddaughter will graduate high school in May..man am I old or what! The good thing about the milestones is that it makes for good blog posts!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh so many wishes so little time. :)

May we all have a happy, peaceful and prosperous NEW YEAR!