Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     There are a few things that were going on around the holidays that I chose not to get into.  Trying to keep things "lighter"!?
     However, I did get a call from the Med Team staff a week or so before Christmas.  They asked my permission to get my mom some more visits with the behavioral nurse (Kim), whom she has seen before.  She met with her once shortly after my mom first moved in, and again last May when things were going on with my mom and "the Don".  She normally visits my mom once a week for approximately 8 weeks.  I think this is good for my mom in many ways.  Also, the more people checking on her the better is what I figure... 
     This time the staff noticed some innocent PDAs (public displays of affection) and wanted to keep it in check.  Nobody was complaining.  However, the staff knows that I am cooperative and "the other" family is not.  So, they thought they would try to work with me.  I, of course, said yes.  They also assured me it was not just my mom who was initiating these PDAs...it was both of them.  I am still upset that the other family is so against my mom and the Don seeing each other.  Thankfully, it appears I have the staff, and most people, on my side on this one.  Companionship is so important and can go a long way in bringing happiness.  As long as there is no safety issue and things remain innocent, I am still in favor of them spending time together. 
     You may recall, my mom became very agitated when the other family switched "the Don's" meal times at the senior facility.  My mom now knows that they have different meal times.  Lately, when I do ask about "the Don" my mom usually says "I don't really see him because we eat at different times."  Yet, I know they do manage to see each other -- just not as much as they used to.  Also, breakfast does not have an assigned time.
     In addition, there are also some changes taking place with my brother and his family.  One night before the holidays, my mom called me at 11:30 pm to talk about it.  I think my mom is somewhat distraught, but five years ago would have been much more so.  It is hard to know when and if she is retaining certain information.  However, for the most part, I don't believe in unnecessarily reminding her of unpleasant news.  It is a fine line to walk, one of trying to keep her informed, not wanting to upset her, and knowing she may or may not retain the information.  
     In other somewhat exciting (for me) news, my mom seems to be using fewer and fewer of those personal hygiene items that were causing such a problem the last several months.  Yay for that!!
     My mom is celebrating a birthday on Wednesday!!  I plan to spend much of the day with her and take her out to lunch or dinner -- more news next week!!!


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Kim said...

Hi Cindy. I'm a new follower and also caring for a Mom with Alzheimer's. Looking forward to learning more about your journey.