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Random Tidbits Straight From My Little Brain
     As you may or may not have noticed, I've been struggling to get some posts together.  There's plenty going on...just lacking in making the time!!  In the meantime, here's what's on my mind... 
     The other day, my 15 year old daughter said, "Can we get a German exchange student?" in the same way one might say, "can we have pizza for dinner".  I laughed and said, "oh sure, would you like a girl or guy student?"  She said "either one" (how accommodating!).  Truth is, I've actually thought about participating in the exchange program.
I'm not a big fan of running errands when the temp is in the 20s or lower.  Yep, 30s is actually tolerable (almost warm) for most of us who have always lived in Michigan.
OK, was Tierra on The Bachelor REALLY faking the whole time...or did she just drag out her hypothermia incident??  Either way, she's gotta go, right!? 
I'm excited for the movie "Identity Thief" to come out tonight/tomorrow. I might even sneak away to see it tomorrow morning.  I am hoping for a brainless movies that makes me laugh...ya know...no deep plot or confusing characters to follow!!
My husband's birthday is Sunday. He's the only one in our family NOT having a "milestone" birthday this year, but I think he still likes presents...probably should get some and hope he's not reading this!!
Speaking of husband, he sent me a message yesterday that we have a dinner reservation at my favorite restaurant on Valentine's Day!  That has literally never happened before (over a week before Valentine's Day!!??), and I have accepted even though it's going to make my attempts at healthy eating a challenge!!
My new favorite app is "What's the Word??"... I would never know of these apps if it weren't for my kids...they're on top of all of that stuff!!  What's your favorite??
Level 20: LUCK
Speaking of apps, I recently got on Instagram and am really liking it.  Much less time consuming than Facebook.  Unfortunately, I can't get any of my "over 40" friends to join (you know who you are -- your age is showing)!!!  Follow me @Cindy24seven!!!
Anyone else feel the need to organize everything!!  The closets, pantry, laundry room, garage, basement...except I have no patience and don't know where to start!!
We are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory here...my kids are praying for a snow day!!  Honestly, I am praying for a school day!!  My kids had one two day week and two four day weeks since the beginning of 2013...and next week is their last week before winter break!  Feels like Christmas break just ended -- go to school already
 so I can organize some stuff!!!
 Radar feb 7


Kim said...

The storm is hitting us Friday night and Saturday. I've given up the healthy eating and planning an all junk food stormy weekend menu.

yaya said...

You could be in Boston and get 2feet of that crummy white stuff! Hope it doesn't hit you too hard. My kiddos that moved to Portland, Ore. from Grand Rapids are really enjoying the milder climate there. I want to organize everything too..I just don't want to actually "have" to organize everything myself! I'll stick to just thinking about it for today! Have a good day and stay safe!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Mine got the snow day!! So I'm guessing yours did too. LOL

My daughter plays that new game, I am already addicted to too many. I haven't even tried that one.

Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday and you a great weekend!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Tierra is a drama queen and a big fake. She was the only one who got hypothermia - please!
Happy Saturday - the sun is out :-)