For The Love of You People...

     No doubt, I have been struggling to keep this blog up to date with our lives.  I realize all some of you can live your lives without my updates.  However, if for no other reason than to create my own scrapbook, I need to get busy and crank out some updates!!!!
     In the meantime, I spent waaaaaayyyyyy too much time last night figuring out how to install a link to Instagram.  At first, I set out to post the actual Instagram pictures on the sidebar of my blog.  Then, I decided to just put a link instead.  At least for now.

     The great thing about Instagram (it's free!) is that it's much quicker than putting a blog post together, or even giving a status update on Facebook.  It's just an instantly uploaded picture...with or without a caption. 

     So, if you have an Instagram account you can always take a peek of what I am up to that way. 

    Follow me on Instagram and I will follow you back!!
*I'm taking suggestions for a better Instagram user name...and yes my "real" name is already taken!!



Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I have been thinking about getting an instagram account, but it seems I already am taking too many photos for the blog - but it is a great, quick option. I think I will do it eventually :-)

Kerri said...

Darn instagram...it's just so easy isn't it?!

Annmarie Pipa said...

have fun with instagram! I know people love it!!