Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Let the record show...this is a current update!!  Thanks to everyone who hung in there with me getting caught up on my mom's adventures over the last two months! 
     Thankfully, the week was fairly quiet.  Our weather here in Michigan has kept me from making visits more than once a week lately, between "snow days" and record temperatures.  It helps to know that Sheri is there, she has my phone number, and if anything was out of sorts I trust that she would call me. 
     When I did stop by last week, this is what I found...
     She was taking a nap (in her bed!) after lunch.  It was very tempting to let her sleep as she did not hear me come in, but then I wanted to visit with her and see how she was.  She seemed pretty good, and I was grateful for that. 
     I also found this note on her wall.  I did not know it, but perhaps Sheri was sick for a day as it appears someone else took care of my mom one morning.  It was nice to see that someone actually left a note (very rare) and that they had no problem with my mom.  These "private" aides who work for the same company seem to be much better quality than the on site staff.  I am sure there are reasons for this, some of which I can only guess at.  Perhaps on site staff is overworked, underpaid, not properly trained, etc...  Regardless, I hope it gets fixed!!  
     I was also able to get my mom's Medicaid "Redetermination" in the mail.  It was due at the Department of Human Services offices today.  As I've said before, it's a lot of work putting together and a big relief that I got it done.  Now, we just wait for a response that will likely either say "approved" or ask for more information. 
     I do have some appointments to make for my mom.  I need to get her hair done, a dental appointment and a mammogram among other things.  However, I am wating to make sure we are done with all of our polar vortexes and record snows!!  We are supposed to get hit with something again on Wednesday, so I will venture for a visit with my mom today or tomorrow and keep you posted.
     How's that for a short, sweet, timely and uneventful update!!!??




Kim said...

Uneventful is good! It was very thoughtful of the substitute worker to leave to note. Those little things are helpful

Julia said...

Good morning Cindy, it so nice seeing your mom well taken care of and it shows in her smile. Non of us like to be neglected because it leaves us feeling unloved. Even Alzheimer patients need to feel loved as it's a basic need.

The weather has been warmer here the last couple of days and I'm hoping for an early Spring. Hang in there, Spring is not too far away.

I hope that you won't get too much bad weather on Wednesday.

yaya said...

I always say I love my boring life! Yours is not boring by any means..with kiddos and taking care of your Mom and all the other day to day things. We're expecting the same storm but it's suppose to start tomorrow and end sometime Wed. afternoon. The snow inches are varied...6-12...just depends on either where you live or how lucky you are! They put out a shout at the hospital for anyone who as 4wheel drive to let them know if they would be OK with bringing staff in to work if needed. I Guess staying home because of the weather is out!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your mom looks so sweet in her cardigan.