Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
    Phew!!  Reliving all of that has been a lot (probably for you, too!) -- that's why I took a little time away to regroup a bit.  Moving my mom July 3rd and then leaving for the holiday weekend was a lot!!  Over the weekend, of course I was worried if my mom was sleeping or asking lots of questions about where she was.  Obviously, I was grateful that we were somehow able to move her in without upsetting her, but I still couldn't help but wonder if our good luck would continue.  I was relieved to know that regardless of how she was, there would be plenty of staff around to help her.
     As soon as the weekend was over, Kristin and I went over to see how Grandma was doing.  This is how we found her...sitting in her room in the wheelchair watching some tv.  I was relieved and remember thinking that she looked fairly well rested.  My only fear in anticipation of this "first visit" was whether she would ask me to "go home" or something like that.   

She Makes It Look Like No Big Deal...
     Kristin went across the hall and watched the birds with Grandma while I did some snooping and met some of the staff.  They needed me to inventory all of my mom's possessions and make sure all of her clothing was labeled with her full name.  Although I had hastily done some of this before the last minute move, I still had more to do. Even though there wasn't much, it was a bit tedious and I wished I had some iron on clothing labels. 

Grandma, Kristin and the Birds
      While in my mom's room, I noticed this note with my mom's things.  Obviously, my mom had asked where she was and one of the nurse's had taken the time to write her name and the name of my mom's new home.  This made my heart sink for a moment, but I was glad someone had taken the time to try to help my mom understand.  The change in her surroundings is significant enough that it would be more alarming if she did not ever question it.
A Nice Nurse Took the Time to Explain
     My sister-in-law and her mom also stopped by with Matt, my mom's grandson.  I know how important it is for my mom to see familiar faces while going through this transition, so I was very grateful they took the time to visit.
Always Nice to Know She Had Some Company!
     I still was a bit bothered by how very small my mom's room was, but I was encouraged that there seemed to be more attention from the staff and that everyone knew who "Muffin" was already!
I May Never Get Used to this Small Room
      I also kept thinking about my mom's chair and how she would do without it.  My mom's roommate was sleeping in her bed in the middle of the day.  I still had not actually seen her.

     Before we left, we wanted to make sure my mom would be occupied and when we checked the calendar we learned they were going to be giving hand massages.  We asked my mom if she wanted to go and she seemed uncertain as to what it was and whether or not she did.  Kristin and I assured her she would like it.  She said, "I would!?" and before long she was being pampered with lotion and a nice hand massage.  She liked it -- so we left while she was being treated like a queen!!!  What a relief!!!
Queen Mary was in Good "Hands"!!


Kim said...

They are more resilient than we give them credit for. Just like you, I worried and fretted over every change and mom was fine with it. I think change is harder on us

Julia said...

Cindy, I'm glad your mom has adjusted so well and is pampered with hand messages. It's very calming as it massages some pressure points in the hands. I used to massage some pressure points on mom's feet when she got restless when she had cancer and it helped her sleep better too.

Your mom seems to be doing very well there.

Hope that you have a great weekend.

Decor To Adore said...

It looks like the move was great. I love that she has birds to enjoy.

Have a beautiful weekend!