Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     As Thanksgiving nears, there continues to be much to be thankful for!!!  This past year has been one of peace for my mom.  In fact, thanks to the "Timehop" app, I realized it was a year ago today that my mom was hospitalized for a week (you can read more about that HERE).  The good news is that made me realize we have gone a full year without any further hospitalizations.  Also, there have been no significant changes in my mom's health.  She seems content and at peace with her current living situation in the memory care unit of her skilled nursing community.  The staff often shares stories with me on things my mom has said and done and all of them continue to tell me how they love her sense of humor!!!  For this, I am grateful as I think most of you know there were times I was unsure that my mom would make this adjustment.
     With my mom safe, content and at peace, it has also allowed me more time to spend with my kids and family these last few months...

      A visit with my mother-in-law two days before my daughter's high school commencement.  It was sad for me to realize my mom would be unable to attend, as I know she would have loved to.    

May 29, 2015
So.....we brought the commencement to my mom by doing a big family photo shoot with my my mom.  She had two grandchildren who both graduated from high school!!
 June 28, 2015
A visit with the daughters right before Megan (left) headed to Germany for a month.
June 25, 2015

I loved this day as it was my mom's one year anniversary of living at Canterbury on the Lake!!!  (You can see more about her move HERE.)  We had fun as there was also a "Happy Hour" celebration with singing, snacks and smoothies which my mom loved!!!. 

July 2, 2015
Granddaughter Kristin is a natural at caring for my mom. 
In fact, she now works in another assisted living community where she is a server
 in their dining room!!
August 17, 2015
Jacob was due for a visit!!!  He drove to see Grandma fresh from the Secretary of State office where he had just received his driver's learning permit!!!!  Good news -- we made it!!!!!
September 4, 2015
My mom was also thrilled to receive a card from her cousin Karen from Muskegon!!!
Card from Cousin Karen
Sometimes conversation is hard to come by -- so we take a selfie!!!!
October 2, 2015
...and, I must admit there are times when I very much miss the days when my mom could walk and visit "The Don" as she did when she was living at the American House.
A recent hair cut.  The "Before" is on the left and the "After the two on the right.  A little shorter than we wanted, but it will work!!!
This, my friends, is fresh from this morning's visit. 
I was pleased to see their "morning exercises" and they all seemed to enjoy it!!!
TODAY -- November 16, 2015
Complete with Video............
I will try to be better about sharing as I have received concerned phone calls from many of my mom's friends.  We remain thankful for each day and wish all of you
 a very nice and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Kim said...

You have no idea how happy I am to see this post!! I have often wanted to ask for an update. Your Mom looks great, I really think she looks brighter. Loved the video too. Some of those residents really want to whack those pool noodles LOL
PS - I also noticed in one of the photos she had her fingers intertwined and not clenched. It made me happy. I know it sounds silly but keep an eye on that.

Beth said...

Hi Cindy, Glad your mom is stable and at peace. It makes life better and easier for you, too. A big reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving!
Hugs Beth

Julia said...

Your mom really does look wonderful Cindy and so does your girls. It's easy to see that she's adjusted very well where she is living. I'm glad she not having to be hospitalized. Thanks for the cute little exercise video. It looks like a fun exercise.
Best wishes for continued peaceful residency for your mom.

judith lockhart said...

So glad to see your Mom is still doing well! Nice pictures with the family that you shared!!

yaya said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your Mom looks great and I'm so glad all is going well for her. I like her haircut and I'm sure it's much easier to take care of. I loved the video and it gave me a fun idea for a game with my Grandkids and all those "noodles" I have from the pool! Hugs and prayers that all continues and you have a wonderful holiday season. It's good to hear from you my blogger friend!

Kerri said...

I was happy to see you post an update about your mom! I'm glad things are going so well for her and that she and you are at peace with her living situation. It really does seem like a great facility/home for your mom....and your mom looks happy!!

Shirley said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, I have been thinking about you and your mom. I can relate to the nursing homes and the care that they receive regardless of which unit they are in. I am glad that she is doing as well as she is. We take each day we are given and thankful that they are still with us. Take care of yourself. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri friend Shirley

RockinMom said...

So happy to see this update!

Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

Hi, I hope you and your family had very happy holidays! I know it's crazy busy for everyone, and I haven't had a few minutes to stop by in a while. I loved these pics! Your Mom looks great - her color is so good!! And of course your kids look ... well, grown! You should take more selfies with your Mom! Sending you a hug, Arlene