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     Last Friday night, I picked up Megan and a friend from a local hangout that a bunch of kids went to after the high school football game (we won!).  During the car ride home I was chatting with them about the game, the band, etc...  At one point they said something about a particular boy marching with the band at the game even though his dad died.  I was confused as to which boy they were talking about.  I was shocked when I realized they were talking about a boy (young man) that they have been in school with since elementary school.  They said his dad was killed in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday night.  I kept repeating the kid's last name as I could not believe it.
     Although I am not "friends" with the family, they are familiar faces around school and all of the activities that go along with it.  I had just seen his mom recently picking up our kids after band practice.  Although there are 170 kids in the marching band, they consider each other "family". 
     Friday night I could not stop thinking about this boy and how cute and funny he is, from the little contact I've had with him.  I also remembered him leaving a "Happy Birthday" message on Megan's Facebook page two days earlier.  Later that same night is when his father died.  That poor boy and his family -- their lives forever changed .
     Over the weekend, me and my husband told Megan that she should attend the funeral visitation to support her friend.  She was not as sure as we were.  We explained to her how important it was that this friend felt supported.  It did not matter that he was not her bestest friend.  Megan said, "if it was me I would not want everyone to see me cry".  We told her tears or no tears, it was important and that she should see if any of her friends wanted to attend with her, otherwise I would.
     Ultimately, I ended up driving five girls to the funeral home for visitation yesterday and was happy to do it.  Megan was thankful to me for taking her and so were her friends.  I think Megan was also surprised at the showing of support by teachers and other friends. 
     We are again reminded that each day is a gift.  We continue to pray for him and his family. 

“Each day is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is your gift to Him.”T.D. Jakes



Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

It is such an important thing to teach your kids, but so hard for them. They do see that their support for their friend is important and learn to do this kind of thing on their own as they get older :-)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I too will pray for this dear boy and his family. Thank you for encouraging her to go.

Annmarie Pipa said...

what wonderful lessons for your daughter! that high school boy will remember her coming to his dads funeral. I know. when we went back to our 25th high school reunion the funerals we went to of our high school friends were all remembered...