You Don't Have to Be Great to Start....

      This past week, I talked Kristin into stepping outside her comfort zone and trying out for the middle school volleyball team.  When I say outside her comfort zone, I mean because she has never played volleyball before.  Volleyball was not even on her radar.  However, I had an idea that it was a sport she might like if she tried it and thought maybe if she can serve up the ball with her arm as good as she can kick a soccer ball with her leg, she might be ok at it.  I also knew that 7th grade is the first year volleyball is played by the schools, and if you don't get in on the ground floor it is often almost impossible to take up a new sport when you get to the high school level in 9th grade.  
     It's funny because for Kristin it is not so much about trying out or the sport, but whether or not "her friends" are going to be there.  With only a couple of days before school started, Kristin placed a few calls to her "peeps" and found out at least two girls she knew would also be trying out.  So I got her convinced, ran to the pediatrician to get her physical form, and every day when I picked her up from school she seemed to be enjoying the game and the tryout process.  The reports I was getting from her were rather confident on her part, which made me a bit nervous because I realized I might have pumped her up for something that may not work out.

      Last Friday after tryouts she told me many of the girls were peeking at the coach's clipboard.  She said some people's numbers had a circle around them and some had an "x".  Thankfully, Kristin said she did not want to look, but a few people she knew did and were convinced the "x"s meant they were cut and the circles were players that would be kept.  I told her I was glad she didn't peek because she still had tryouts on Monday and all she could do was her best.  Peeking might affect the other player's performances and the "x"s and "o"s might not mean what they think. 
     I actually thought the tryout results were going to be given today, but apparently today was just an alternate day if the coach needed more time.  I was surprised when Kristin got in the car yesterday and she had an envelope with her name on it.  She told me it was the tryout results and they were not allowed to open it until they were in the car with their parents.
      Can I just say that poor teacher/coach.  Megan had her as a teacher and she is just so nice and sensitive to the girls feelings.  She had apparently told the girls all along that they were all talented and how hard the decision was going to be and that she remembers when she tried out in school and her daughter did and how hard it can be if you get cut, etc...  As I said, Kristin had been feeling confident through the tryout process, but since I had not watched any of the practices or talked to any other moms or the coach I was unsure how it was really going and could only go by what Kristin was reporting.  I kept reminding Kristin that I was proud of her for trying no matter what. 
     So, we pulled away in the parking lot (to watch a few minutes of Jacob's football practice) and Kristin opened the envelope....and yes, she made the team!!  She was very excited and grateful to me for pushing her to try.  She said she really loves it!!  I am very proud of her and look forward to adding a new sport to our family calendar!!**    
Cheers for Kristin!!!

**Speaking of family calendar -- what have I done!!?? Both girls are playing soccer, Megan also has marching band, Jacob is playing football and now volleyball. Our days have become jam packed with homework, practicing instruments, practices and games. This is perhaps the most we've ever tried to pack in the fall season...and as the driver of the mom taxi, my head is spinning. Stay tuned (for the nervous breakdown)!!

Glad to capture that smile with my cell phone!!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Congratulations to Kristin!!! How awesome for her.

Sarah said...

yay for her!! hope you can keep everything together running around with those 3!

Ruth said...

Congratulations Kristin, good luck and have fun!!

RockinMom said...

What an awesome post. Congratulations to Kristin.