Life is Good (Especially on Vacation!) :)

Spring Break 2013 -- Part 1
     I will stop talking about how behind I am on blogging our "real lives" -- the part that doesn't involve taking care of my mom and my kids grandma and just get on with it!!
     As Spring/Easter Break from school was approaching, my husband ("Mr. Living") was talking more and more about renting a house down in Florida and driving down.  We had waited too long to get a decent airfare at such a peak time!!  I was not so sure this was a good idea as going away is never just a matter of putting everyone in the car with a suitcase.  The dog, my mom, the mail, the paper, the house, cleaning the car, digging out summer clothes, (pedicure, hair appointment), etc...  In the end, "Mr. Living" (Ha!) found what looked like a great house at a reasonable price in the Cape Coral, Florida area. 

Wait, Did You Say I'm Going
 to Canine College for TEN Days!!?????
    We left our house around 4 am on Good Friday and drove...and drove....and drove....  We spent the night in Georgia and got up by 7am to continue to our Florida destination.  Thankfully, the ride was relatively uneventful.  The kids are older and busy themselves with books, iPhones, movies, and things like this...


Thank the Lord, We Made It Safe and Sound and
We Did NOT Have Much Bad Weather on our Drive
     When we were only a couple of hours from our destination, a wildfire closed down a portion of Southbound I-75 forcing us to improvise a different route.  This part did not go totally smoothly, but we did make it to our destination in the early evening.  We were pleasantly surprised that our home away from home look as good or better than advertised.
     We checked the place out, unloaded the car and head to the "Lobster Lady" for dinner.  We were starving at it turned out to be a great place and walking distance from our house!  The next morning was Easter Sunday so we made a quick trip to the grocery store and were glad to settle into our place after dinner.
      More on how we spent Easter and the rest of our days tomorrow!!

This Sign Never Gets Old To Me...

Palm Trees Are a Nice Change From Pine Trees!!
Master Bedroom


Living Room

The Pool

Our Little Poolside Palm and Dolphin

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Ruth said...

Your vaca home looks really nice. It is nice traveling with older kids. None of that she touched me, he's looking at me stuff. LOL