Life is Good! (Especially on Vacation) - 2

Easter and Sanibel Island

     This year's Easter celebration was going to be relatively low key.  However, I did make us a reservation for a very nice Easter brunch at Palmetto Pines Country Club.  Truth is, I love a nice brunch, and this was a good one.  Just when I was missing the kids being little enough to go on Easter egg hunts and get Easter baskets, the Easter Bunny himself appeared at our brunch!!  The girls were pretty cooperative knowing I wanted their picture with the bunny, but Jacob was hesitant which made it even more fun for me!  I was just happy to have one more picture of them with the bunny.
Kristin and Megan
(Before Getting Some Sun!)
     It was another beautiful perfect weather day in Florida and we headed back to finally get to relax and enjoy some pool time -- and that is all we did!!  It was soooo nice and after all of the time in the car, it was just what we needed.  Later, we just grilled a light dinner and chilled.  Grilled and chilled -- now that's a good day, right!?
    On Monday, we headed right toward Sanibel Island.  Although "Mr. Living" (calling my husband that is funny to me, so humor me!) and I had been there before, the kids never were.  I was excited for them to see the mass amounts of seashells on the beach, and frankly, I was anxious to see them, too!  I have a true love for seashells and could have sat on that beach all day and just looked through the piles of shells.  The day was again perfect weather wise and although we only went with the intent of exploring and not really staying at the beach -- a part of me wished we had stayed.   Generally, we wanted to spend our mornings checking out various sites and shopping so we could save our afternoons for some poolside action back at the house.  The kids really enjoyed collecting shells and walking along the beach.  Kristin seemed particularly into it and with her eagle eye she spotted a cute little crab in the water near the shore.  We checked him out for a bit and snapped some pictures and then made sure he got back in the water where he came from.  It's little things like that that make a vacation memorable!
     Then back to the pool...the intent of this vacation was not to visit attractions or drive around in the car all day, but to relax and have family time -- and we did!!  A few more highlights tomorrow!

This Year's "Easter Baskets"

Humoring Mom With the Easter Bunny

Our Easter Meditation


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RockinMom said...

Grilling -and-chilling...love it! My husband is such a planner and always has us visiting all kinds of attractions...I am just the opposite when it comes to vacations. ;)

Love all the pictures.