Stress? What Stress???

     I have three kids, right??  (well, not including my mom...)  One of them has gone all but missing the last several weeks.  Megan!!  This is what her bedroom door looks like virtually all day after school and soccer!!  Door closed.  Silently studying (we hope!)  See, she has soccer games and/or practices 5-6 days per week after school.  Throw in several study sessions with teachers, practice tests, study session with friends, and some after school symphony band practices, to name a few, and I am pretty sure I would not see her at all were it not for my job as "Taxi Mom" or her surfacing for "food and water" on occasion.  
     On top of her already pretty intense schedule, my little sophomore has been preparing for the College AP Statistics exam and the College APUSH (US History) exam.  This is all new to me!!  I'm pretty sure I would have remembered if I took any of those classes in my sophomore year of high school.  Nope, I did not!!  It is a lot of pressure and her schedule has been extremely full, to say the least!!!   She is soooo sleep deprived...works so hard, studies so hard and puts most of the pressure on herself.    She has been like a zombie lately.  Yet, never fear -- as there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Some Notes She Left Laying Around
     The AP Stats exam was last Friday, so that is over and done with!!  The "APUSH" exam is this morning at 7:30 am.  Although her schedule will remain very full, I look forward to seeing more of her in the coming weeks.  (Yet, after the test she has soccer practice and a symphony band concert tonight...  Oh well, at least I will see her on stage!?)  Ugh!
     I am amazed at how much they push kids these days as they realize more and more how truly smart they are!!  It's a lot of pressure, and I have been feeling it "for her" and perhaps more than her!!  We have been doing a lot of finger crossing and saying silent prayers to get through all this over here, and I am proud at how responsibly she has handled herself!!!
     My little girl is growing up!!!!!!

Studying...Behind Closed Doors

Her AP Stats Teacher Wrote a Note to Each Kid
(so cute and rare for a high school teacher)

And Made a Little Care Package for the Test
Testing Time
Waiting Forever For the Students To Get Out


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