Set It...and Forget It Sliders

     With sports and school schedules at a peak (actually, last Fall was even busier!), I have been looking for quick and easy recipes!  I love anything with 5 Ingredients (or less!).  Of course, it's a bonus if it tastes good!
     One meal idea that has never really been on our radar is Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  I like them, but have never made them.  Thought it was possible the kids would like them, too.
On Pinterest, more than 50 percent of the recipes seemed to have Dr. Pepper as their secret ingredient.  So, I thought it was interesting and would give it a try.  I kind of adapted my recipe from the one I pinned from here.

This is what I did:
3 1/2 pounds uncooked pork shoulder (lean, trim fat).  Slow cooked and then shredded.
1 cup chopped onion, uncooked,
3 cups Dr. Pepper
1 package McCormick Grill Mates BBQ or Pork Rub
BBQ Sauce (we use Sweet Baby Rays)
1-2 Dozen King Hawaiian Rolls (we used small Sweet)*

*OK, it's six ingredients, I wasn't counting the rolls....
Place all ingredients except BBQ sauce (and rolls -- ha) in slow cooker for 6-8 hours.  Remove meat from cooker and remove all bones (meat should be falling off the bone).  Shred pork with two forks (a rhyme!)  Drain juices as desired.  Mix pork with BBQ sauce as you like.  (I let each person add their own.)  Slice rolls and serve as sliders.  We each ate about 3 sliders.  Some of us more (husband!).  We have 5 in our family and had meat leftover.  Goes well with coleslaw and or sweet potato fries!
    I am calling mine, Pulled Pork Sliders** (because I used the small rolls) and my kids actually like them!  Jacob did a "Yes!" (insert hand gesture) when he came home from school and smelled his dinner.  My husband loves them, too!! 
     I'd love to try another recipe if someone has one out there that they like.  There's so many ways to cook the meat, beer, root beer, etc...  Let me know if you have a recipe I should try or if you happen to try this one!!

**Finished Picture Not Available...Ate Too Fast (maybe next time!?)

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RockinMom said...

This recipe sounds delicious and like it would be the perfect meal to have after spending the evening at the ballfield. Thanks for sharing it.