Margaritaville...in the D

     Over the summer, my husband was lucky enough to score some tickets for the Jimmy Buffett concert in Detroit, at Comerica Park.  Our relationship has history dating back to when Jimmy Buffett concerts were at a smaller outdoor venue, formerly known as Pine Knob.  When we were first dating, (which may have been over 20 years ago!!) I was able to score seats a couple rows from the stage for a few years.  We loved it!  As all parrotheads know, tailgating and pretending to be at a party in the tropics is always a good thing.
     We grabbed our good friends, Donna and Greg, former residents of Royal Palm Beach, Florida!!  (If I didn't ask you -- it's because you were up north!!) 
     First, we grabbed a yummy dinner at Bonefish and then headed for the concert.  I knew we were going to be pressed to find parking.  We did not have time to get there hours early and tailgate before the concert like a true parrothead would   Parking was at a premium and there was nothing to be found.  Thankfully, our friends had some connections and we were able to park on the sidewalk of a private empty lot and hangout with some real parrotheads. 
     Gotta love my buddy Greg who didn't even think twice about putting on the grass skirt I had picked up at the dollar store!!!

     After a cocktail or two, we headed to the concert.  Jackson Brown was the warm up band so we caught part of that -- not bad!!!  Oh, and those ominous looking clouds never did do anything!!!

     We had main floor tickets, or in this case "on the field" seats.  They were excellent and the crowd was fun as always!!  It had been awhile since we went on a real live fun date like this!!

     The moon was full, the weather was great!  Or is it, "The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful"!!!!???  It was great to be out, in the moonlight, just like old times!!!

Long live Jimmy!!!!  Thanks for the good times!!


Julia said...

Great memories are nice to revisit and I love that grass skirt and the lei. Very hot... It looks like it was a great time. Maybe it's time to take in a concert again.


yaya said...

Many a day we blast Jimmy during surgery..it brings a smile to all of us..atleast I think it does..we're all wearing surgical masks don't forget! Looks like a fun date night!

"d" said...

OH EM GEEE...That seems like a year ago already! Way too fun...G needs to score good tickets like that more often! XO

Nicolle said...

Aw. I saw this post before but never commented. We are HUGE Buffett fans too. We've been to 5 concerts, 4 here in Texas and we flew to Vegas once to see him. We have a fridge in the garage that is plastered with Buffett pictures and postcards and bumper stickers and magnets. Oh I love him so! Loved this post!