Halloween 2012

     I wasn't going to post about Halloween 2012.  My kids are older...the cuteness is somewhat gone.  We barely carved two pumpkins...on Halloween day after school.   
     However, at the last minute ALL of my "kids" decided to go trick or treating.  The only one who planned to all along was Kristin, the kitty cat.  I did not make bloody finger cocktail weenies, or float an iced hand in punch, or bake pumpkin seeds...or any of those things.  I was actually a little embarassed shocked that my 15 year old went out.  I am quite sure this was finally her last year.  She knows I thought it was a bit much...and only a very small percentage of her friends went.  Thus, the last minute "costumes".
     We had a total of 25 kids at our door this year.  Ever since they built subdivisions adjoining ours...with sidewalks and houses closer together...everybody goes over there.  More bang for your trick or treat mile. Plus, we live in a cul-de-sac so apparently nobody wants to bother much anymore...  When we moved in 15 year ago, we got over 100 kids...everybody's growing up!!
Yeah, I got him this shirt on clearance last year...
     It was a pretty quiet and subdued Halloween.  I drank my Witches Brew wine and had some leftover Fritos.  The years of school parties, passing out the cute little favors I used to put together, putting major thought, planning and money into costumes.  Well, those days are over.  I would like to have a Halloween party for some of the kids next time Halloween falls on a Friday.  Movies, treats, costumes,carmel apple bar,  bonfire kind of thing.  That would be fun!!!
     What age do you think is too old for trick or treating?  I remember wanting to give a midget tootsie roll to the big high schoolers who just wore their football jerseys...  Now that my kids are older...I kind of get that some of them want to drag out their childhood as long as possible.  Who am I to say?? 

Kristin the Cat

Jacob, the "locked out" hockey guy

Megan, the 15 year old Cowgirl...?

To Me, this just says "I want CANDY!"

Mr. Living...and his "Lucky" dog!



Jennifer said...

Aww, I think they look cute! Maybe because I still picture the little kids they used to be. As for the 15 year old cowgirl? Umm, at least she wasn't a 15 year old PLAYBOY BUNNY. Because that's what I saw trick-or-treating!!

yaya said...

I think they all look wonderful and I don't mind teens trick or treating as long as they behave! I love Halloween and when we moved into the country nobody comes out here so we go to my kiddos homes now! We usually have a Halloween party but this year we passed on it. I'm thinking about trying it out next year though. I missed doing it. I'm glad everyone got into the "spirit" of it for you this year!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

They looked great! (and age appropriate!) Like Jennifer said, some of the costumes these girls wear - my goodness it's inappropriate!

Glad they had a good time :)

RockinMom said...

Great pictures!