Wearing #79...Jacob!!

     As I am sure I eluded to at least once when Jacob had two a days in the summer, he went out for the football team this year for the first time -- 7th grade JV football to be exact.  He had played "flag" football in elementary school and that was it.  It is definitely a commitment.  A few weeks of practices during the summer, several hours each day. 
     Then, practice right after school five days a week getting home after 6 pm.  One game per week, getting pulled out of school early to prep and/or travel to away games.  All the while, showers, dinner, homework, practicing the trumpet.  Trying to head to bed by 9 pm...but many times later.
     Jacob played mostly Left Guard Offense and Left Tackle Defense.  I know that because I just asked him.  Unfortunately, with the girls schedule almost always conflicting with Jacob's football schedule, I was only able to get to maybe 2 1/2 games.  Of course, they were the freeeezing cold ones!!  My husband picked up from most practices and attended all of his games.  I was usually at a volleyball game and/or taking Megan and Kristin to soccer practices and marching band practice. 

A freezing cold game day -- creepy sky -- don't let the peek of sun fool you!!

     In the end, I think Jacob did really great!  I saw him make some tackles, and he truly seemed to love the camaraderie that goes along with the football team.  The "team" eats lunch together at school and seems to support each other on and off the field.  I think that is just as important, if not more, than the games themselves.   He also seemed to LOVE the "role" of wearing his game jersey to school on game days, a tie for away games, and his jersey for the high school football games while "milling around" with his teammates during those games.   
     Again, I do not know their record.  I know they won some games, and lost some games.  I know I am proud of the commitment and discipline that it took and that Jacob kept up with his schoolwork without complaining. 
     We actually had our football banquet before the season was over, since the district ended up adding one more game post season.  It was fun to see Jacob enjoying his teammates.  He made some new friends that I had never met before, and I frequently heard "the guys" calling his name when we were out and about.  Me and his sisters loved saying , "Hi Jakeeeeee" in front of his teammates and watching him try to be mad, but seeing him crack a smile!!!  
We love our #79!!!!!

Snapped a picture of the winning scoreboard while running to the car for warmth!

Jake Getting Snapped the Ball on the sidelines (Center Position??)

Jake, Mommy Wants a Picture of the Front of You...

Jake is in there, tackling.  Pink socks worn by some for breast cancer awareness...

Jake in the center, down low for the tackle...

I'm Not Really Comfortable Telling My Kid to Knock Another Kid Down....yet


Time Out...

The Last Game...only time both sisters could make it. 
October 29th -- Hurricane Sandy was well on her way...even in Michigan...COLD AND WINDY!!!!!!

End of Game Coaches Talk

Father-Son Coming Back to the Car -- Which I Was Already Warming Up!!!
(Love this pic taken out my car window...)

The Guys-The Football Banquet
(Jake Far Right)

Head Coach Speaking to Kids and Parents at Banquet
(Everyone secretly waiting for the Tigers World Series Game)

The JV Guys -- Hooray!

Supportive Football Sisters
(Isabella and Kristin)

Thanks, Jake!!

The Assistant Coaches

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