I Behaved at the Target Halloween Clearance!!

     I knew there was nothing I "needed" at the Target Halloween clearance (which was at 70% off Sunday).  However, I am always curious!!  There is one near my mom's place, so when we visited we swung by.  There was a decent amount of stuff, but it's always better when your kids are younger...  Mine aren't.
     I ended up having Jacob and Kristin with me.  Here's what we decided to get:
          • 2 Popcorn Mix tins $2.99                   (reg. $9.99)
          • 2 Angry Bird Pajama Bottoms $5.09 (reg. $16.99)
          • Owl t-shirt $2.99                                (reg. $9.99)
          • M & M Pretzels* $1.49                        (reg. $2.99)
          • M & Ms $1.49                                    (reg. $2.99)
          • Reeses $2.74                                     (reg $5.49)
TOTAL $25.00 (approx.)
SAVINGS  $50 (approx.) 

     Definitely a good time to get some of your candies for holiday cookies!!  90% off should be right around the corner!!
Tootsie Rolls Were Not On Sale...My Bad

*I only bought these 'cause Jennifer always talked about them

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yaya said...

Nothing like a good bargain to make the day more sunny...does that sound like a future great quote? Nah, I didn't think so either! But anyway, good job! I especially like that owl tee!