I {Heart} Christmas Music

     Friday night we had plans to attend the high school concert where Megan and all of the music groups would be performing.  Apparently, this is a concert that the school performs every other year, so it was our first one.  It is obvious a lot of work went into this concert!  There are virtually no breaks in the concert...it just flows from choir, to orchestra, to symphony band, etc. -- each segment overlapping with only a 15 minute intermission.
     The concert opened with a moment of silence for the families in Newtown, Connecticut.  For me, it was bittersweet to be there in the school watching the kids...yet knowing that many families were in the early raw stages of going through something so awful at the same time.
     Two solid hours of Christmas musical entertainment -- and it was awesome!!  The caliber of the talent these kids have is amazing -- sometimes you forget they are in high school.
     I hope you have a chance to grab some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and listen to part of the performances below!!
     We remain proud and enjoyed it very much!!!!!

Concert Band and Choir

Concert Orchestra

Symphony Band/Men's Glee Club

A Christmas Festival

Front Row, Third From Left = Megan

Carol of the Bells


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