Oh, It's a Jolly Holiday at...Target

     I interrupt this otherwise relaxing holiday spent with family and friends to show you the small stash of goods I picked up at Target today...50 percent off clearance.
     My husband and I were out doing errands and visiting my mom.  I somehow talked him into popping into Target because it was...there.  I told him I would only look at holiday things.  Well, I combed through pretty well and here is the small stash I came up with.  I wasn't looking for anything specific.

From left to right:

     Tubes of jewel toned ornaments from dollar spot     1.00                   .30
     Star shaped ornament collections                             5.00                 2.50
     Goldfish crackers                                                       3.69                 1.54
     Snowflake paper punch                                           15.00                 7.50
     Wine chiller/ice bucket                                             20.00                 9.98
     Silver Star Tree Topper                                           10.00                 5.00
     Black/Silver sequined clutch purse                          16.99               11.88
     Jewel Toned tealight votives                                    10.00                 5.00
     Wilton Cookie Mold                                                    6.99                 3.49     
     Rudolph Sticky Notes                                                 1.00                   .30
     Colgate Winter Watermelon Toothpaste                    2.99                 1.49

     This particular Target was a little less picked over than "my" usual Target.  This is the first time I have ever seen a Wilton mold pan at clearance, but I probably do not usually go when things are 50 percent off...I prefer 70 percent or more.  I also like the clutch purse and wine chiller.  The shelves will clear much faster once the clearance hits 70 or more so you take your chances.  I was kinda proud I figured out the Goldfish were $1.54 --  I guess because Mr. Goldfish has a Santa hat on.  Many of my finds were on endcaps away from the normal clearance stuff.  It's fun...if you have young kids you can really clean up...as I did back in the day!! 
      One thing I discovered is that my husband is less seasoned in helping "scan" items for me than my kids.  My kids are great at running back and forth to the scanner.  I found out my husband was going to a scanner much further away than necessary (was wondering why it was taking so long, ha!).  He was not as "into" it as I had hoped.  He did, however, encourage a few of my frivolous purchases.
     Have you been out and about clearance shopping?  I might go back in a day or two...without kids/husbands!!!



Jennifer V. said...

How did I miss this earlier?? I love all the ornaments!

Kerri said...

Fun purchases and great deals! I haven't been out yet...maybe today or tomorrow! Love the sticky notes and the wine chiller! Good idea with the kids running to the scanner....maybe I should take my son along...I think he would like that!

yaya said...

We don't have a target in my town..one about 20mi away so I don't make it over too often. But you did good! Our Walmart had sales but by the time I walked through there wasn't much left and nothing that I wanted. Guess I'll just enjoy your haul! Happy New Year!