O {Artificial} Christmas Tree!

     Well, like everyone, we've been busy preparing for the Christmas holiday along with our normal every day stuff.  The last couple of years, we have been toying with the idea of getting an artificial tree a/k/a "fake".
     I have really struggled with this, perhaps to the point of ridiculousness!!  I have never been a fan of the "fake" tree.  When I went away to college and came home for Christmas break, my parents had decided to go with the "fake" tree for the first time.  I created some drama over it.  I even went out and got a real tree by myself and took the "fake" one down and put up the real "live" tree.  Ha! 
     As I begin to settle into my older-wiser years, I have come to terms with the fact that there is a place for the "fake" tree.  After all, "fake" tree does not mean "fake" Christmas.  Like many things in life, the tree is symbolic and has little to do with the "real" reason for the season. 
     I also came to realize, I was spending as much time trying to find the perfect artificial tree as I had finding the perfect live tree.  How ironic?  So many times we had such a beautiful live tree...visitors would comment "that can't be real".  Fast forward to now, spending too much time finding the perfect artificial tree -- ya know, the one that doesn't look too perfect!!
      Oh, never mind all that, we ended up going to Lowes and seeing which tree looked best and just buying it -- it helped that it was on sale!!  So, that's what we did.  Oh, the drama. 
     In fact, there are many benefits to an artificial tree:  (1) No needles dropping; (2) No watering; (3) No allergies; (4) Easy Up/Easy Down; (5) No Bare Spots; (6) No Frost Bite Picking Out the Tree; (7) Your Can Bend Your Branch To Hold A Heavy Ornament!!  Well, you get the idea...
     I used to laugh when others would put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving...or sooner causing some to feel inferior for not being "on the ball".  Well, let me just say that when you already have the tree in a box it's a little less impressive than going out and cutting down your tree.  Now maybe I can be one of "those" early/annoying people!!
     After all that, we have embraced our new tree and so far this mom has no regrets?  How about you -- are you a forever "live" tree person or have you crossed over to the "other side"??
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Jaclyn N Lil M said...

I love our artificial tree!! And the best part is, you get your money's worth within 2 xmas!! And you always have the option to buy a fresh if you desire!!

Megan said...

We have an artificial tree too. Thanks for linking up!

yaya said...

We moved to the fakie tree after the youngest son moved out and we finally didn't have to trudge to the farm and look super happy to be there! I'm not loving the tree we got and I'm thinking of getting a new one for next year. Maybe just a table top model that will fit in a closet all decorated? Now that would be interesting! Your tree looks lovely BTW!