Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
    Boy, these weeks are just flying by...  It looks like my mom has made some progress on our little sort project we gave her.  Only time will tell if she keeps at it or not, but at least it's a change of pace for her.

     When I stopped by to check on her, I did this impromptu "selfie" shoot.  It was not easy.  My mom is so easily distracted...much like a kid.  In the middle of a photo my mom said "should we kiss?", and there ya have it -- not my best Academy Award winning pose, but my mom is full of surprises!!??
     This past Saturday, American House had their Summer Family Picnic.  We also went last year, and I remembered how much my mom enjoyed it.  I almost wasn't going to make it, but at the last minute the kids and I went over there a bit early.  I wanted to get a good shady table outside by the band for my mom.  Here is what our "wait" looked like.

        They don't let people in until lunch time.  I was lucky enough to grab a table right in front of the band.  My kids stayed with my mom and "the Don" who were already together waiting when we arrived.  The band is really quite good -- a jazzy Dixieland type of band.     

That Don...  Well, trust me, he is a spirited ol' fella!!!  He is funny and always clapping and commenting back to the band when they were talking to the guests.  I remember the same from last year, and it's hard to believe I am starting to gain experience in some of these "get togethers" and learning the personalities of some of the residents. 

and he called my mom "Honey" several times throughout the day...

So, I don't care what anyone says -- their companionship is a small blessing, despite some of the inconveniences it causes both of our families.

and my mom's love of food has not disappeared.  How handy is it to not remember that you already had two cookies...and a half of a hamburger...and part of a hot dog (that I was going to give the kids...)!!?? 

Their courtyard is very nice and it was a great day for a picnic.  The kids ate some lunch and then we had to go.  I felt comfortable leaving my mom and Don there to enjoy the music and food and fun!!  Much better than watching "Channel 4" all day!!

When I got home I was thinking how I'm not sure the staff was ever going to fix a plate of food for my mom or Don.  I waited a bit but then I got in line and did it for them.  I thought his daughter might be glad to know that he enjoyed the picnic as I figured she was not able to attend.  I decided to reach out and let her know he had a great time and I included a picture.  I was glad I did...

     Next up, my mom should be receiving a visit from an old neighbor friend from loooong ago.  I think this will make her happy and am looking forward to seeing her reaction.  Also on my agenda is sorting out some kind of prescription insurance changes that are happening which I do not understand much at all!!!  I hope I can sort it out and that my mom will continue to have the great coverage she has had in the past.
     Today, I also received some good news in the mail...
my mom's Medicaid continuation has been approved!!  For this, I remain grateful!! 



yaya said...

What nice pics of you and your Mom and also the kids at the picnic. The "Don" looks sweet and he looks like a man who loves a good time..wait, that doesn't sound too good..I mean he enjoys music and laughter! HeHe!

RockinMom said...

I loved the pictures of you and your family mom. Precious moments for the two of you. I also enjoyed the pictures of your mom at the picnic.She looks happy and beautiful.

Kim said...

I am so glad you posted this. I was a little down this morning and this post cheered me up. It looks like a lovely place and your Mom and The Don (hehe) look happy to be enjoying the music.
I am happy they are friends. I often wonder about how lonely it must be as all your memories slip away. They have each other for friendship and it is a comforting thing. Thanks for the boost this morning.

Shirley said...

Good Morning, It looks like your mom was enjoying herself. It is always makes you feel a little better when they are happy. I know about insurance and paper work. Always doing something that we have to take care of. I keep hoping they would find a miracle to help all the people who need help. Have a great day. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Kerri said...

I agree with Kim....so happy your mom has a friendship/companion that she can enjoy during this time. I really see God's work in that picture of the two of them. I'm glad his daughters seem to be relaxing a bit on this matter.