Fifty...Something to Celebrate!!!

     So, here it is...the "I turned 50" post!!!  As I mentioned here early this year, we have several milestones in our family this year.  MY milestone was turning the big 5-0 -- ya know, the half century mark!!  Beware:  It can and, if you're lucky, WILL happen to you!!! 
     My husband, ("Mr. Living" - ha) was uncharacteristically interested in knowing how I wanted to celebrate the big day.  By that I mean, he asked me several times and would not accept my nonchalant vague answers.  Several months before my birthday, I did have visions of at least having some kind of "Girl's Night Out" or even a small party, but as the day got closer the reality of the timing being the end of the school year and all got the best of those ideas.  I told him I really didn't think I'd be able to pull off any kind of big celebration because everyone, including ourselves, were pretty booked up around my big day (June 13th). He persisted and ultimately asked me to make a guest list for a party. 
     I made a list, but he would not give me any details of what he had planned...just the time and date.  At first that seemed so "fun" and spontaneous, but as the party got closer I was nervous -- ya see, I am used to being the planner/in control!!?  Letting go and not knowing was hard!!
     My girlfriend, Lisa, (the power shopping fashionista) insisted on helping me find something to wear.  She LOVES to shop.  I don't mind shopping, but really don't like shopping for myself and don't really like shopping for clothes.  The trying on, the scouring the racks, the hoofing from store to store -- not really my thing!  (However, I do love a good clearance rack!)  A week or so before my big day, she told me she had like eight dresses for me to try...at her house...already purchased.  A personal shopper -- awesome!  I spent a few hours at her house modeling her finds and ultimately came up with this one! 
     Somehow, all of my favorite people managed to make it to the party which happened to be at my favorite restaurant, Diamond Jim Brady's!!!  Yay!!  My friends and family were there when we arrived and I was so excited and grateful!!!!  Although I am a little uncomfortable with all the attention being on me (my friends are laughing right now, but I REALLY am!!), I decided to embrace this occasion and the fact that everyone had taken the time to be there!!  

Me and My Brother, Mike!

With My Besties, Donna and Nancy!
Lisa** Stopped By Bearing Gifts a Couple Days Early

Kristin snapped this pic of me and hubby before the party...she's better at "selfies"
(we are not yellow)!

With my girlfriend, Nancy, and her hubby, Bill
Didn't Realize Until After the Party...Was My Husband Trying to
 tell me something with that beer selection!??
My favorite: The Boursin Chicken Caesar Salad!! 

With Donna and her husband Tom, a high school friend

My Cousin Stacey and Aunt Barbara
     Megan also put together a video of messages from friends and family sending birthday wishes to me!!  So, you see, I have a lot of nice memories from my birthday and I appreciate the efforts of everyone who made it to the party to help celebrate! 
The husband did good -- and no, I don't feel old!!!!!!


50 Pink Flamingos on Our Lawn
Compliments of My Daughters!!!

**Thanks to Lisa for taking most of the pictures at the party!!
***I doubt you will ever see this many pictures of me again -- yuck!


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Happy Belated 50th!

P.S. I was just at Diamond Jim Brady's for a birthday lunch on Monday - great place :-)

Kim said...

Girl, you are making 50 look good! And 50 is the new 30, right?

Happy Belated.

Jennifer Anderson said...

Happy {belated} Birthday! Looks full of fun and I think the pink flamingos are great! :)

yaya said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You look wonderful in the pics! Your hubby did a great job of party planning...It looks like it was a fun celebration. You are just a baby compared to me!

Kerri said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Your hubby did a good job! And you look beautiful! Can't believe you are 50...you sure don't look it!