Yep, She Was the Queen...Kristin turned 13!!

    Yep, another birthday(s) in our family in June.  June was crazy busy!  It always is, but combined with the struggles we were having with my mom's care, grad parties, Father's Day, end of the school year and then my little big birthday, my head was spinning!! 
     Jacob and Kristin (my twins for those that don't know) had not had "real" kid birthday parties since they were 10.  I had promised them birthday parties when they turned 13 -- they did not forget!!!  Let's face it, 13 is a pretty big deal -- TEENAGERS!! 
     It's tricky trying to plan a kid's party in June...for all the reasons stated above.  Kids are busy these days, vacation plans, camps, family obligations, etc.  One thing Kristin knew for sure...and never backed down on -- she wanted a party "just like Megan's" 13th birthday party.  To be honest, I had just barely recovered from Megan's 13th -- and that was almost three years ago!!  This year, their birthday fell on a Saturday so we decided to take advantage of that.  My husband took the boys (post to follow) and I was in charge of the girly fun!
     In an effort to "make it her own", we chose a different mall and some of the details for Kristin's party, but the concept was the same.  It was a "Mall Madness" shopping, scavenger hunt, sleepover extravaganza!!! 
We decorated...  In fact, we even cleaned up quite a bit.  Funny thing about cleaning up -- not one mom or parent even got out of the car or came in my house to drop the girls off!!!  I did know all but one of the parents, but I still thought it was almost funny how quickly everyone was dropped off.  (Perhaps we all needed a break from our "teens"!!?)  I guess it's never a bad idea to have your house extra clean though!!
But not before the invites were drafted up sent out...

The favors were put together...

Then the real fun began!  We went directly to the mall, and our first order of business -- a scavenger hunt.  The girls went in teams, maps and cell phones in hand, and were off on a scavenger hunt until they completed the two-page worksheet of questions relating to all things in and about the mall and stores.  First one back with correct answers was declared the winner.  However -- in this Mall Madness scavenger hunt everyone's a winner!!!  Each of the girls received gift cards to three of the stores in the mall.  The only requirement -- they had to spend them right then and there -- shopping together! 


Thanks to some great sales and their own treasure hunting skills -- everyone was able to put their own nifty goodie bag together, and they had fun doing it!!!
Then off to Johnny Rockets for some burgers and fries, and a little embarrassing "Happy Birthday to You" tribute to Kristin by the waitstaff!!  They caught her off guard, and it was hilarious!! 



Hours later, it was back to our house for some cupcakes and relaxing...


THEN, we made a late night stop at Menchie's for some fro-yo and more good times!! 

Once the girls came back, it was time to open presents and to settle in for a movie -- Safe Haven.  Sometime after midnight, I was officially worn out and the girls were settled in.  So, I gave them some space...  When I woke up the next morning, I found a bunch of sleepy heads -- even the balloons were worn out!!!  It was after 10 am so I started putting together some breakfast -- yogurt, granola, bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit and juice.  They still didn't wake up!  Finally, as the noon pickup time loomed closer, I got Kristin to stir and they gradually came and had some breakfast.  I guess the party went until at least 3am or so....  By all accounts, the girls had a great time and were very polite and thankful!  Kristin was over the moon happy with her day and sharing all of her favorite things with her friends!!!!!
That's what it was all about -- starting the teen years off with a happy-birthday-celebration!!!


yaya said...

How did I miss this post? Congrats to Kristin! What a fun party and I can't imagine how much work that was to put it all together. Not just for one but 2 kids! I'm looking forward to the next post for her brother! Now you can rest!(yeah, right!)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a fantastically fun theme! It is so hard once they become a certain age. Well done mom!