Monday Memories With My Mom

     My weeks usually include at least one type of surprise relating to my mom.  Some things less surprising than others, whether it be insurance changes, a new habit, a lost item, an injury, etc... 
     This week, I got a call on August 7th from Chris at American House.  She immediately said "everything is fine" (which is how they start out when it's not a medical emergency), but we wanted to let you know that your mom went to the apartment in the exact same location as her own, except it was the one on the opposite wing of the building...AND (the twist)...her key worked and she startled the woman inside.
     OMG!  Of course, I knew that my mom (and many other residents) regularly get disoriented in the building.  The twist was that her key opened the other lady's apartment!  Ugh!  Thankfully, they said the woman totally understood once they explained what happened.  So, we now have new keys to my mom's apartment. 

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     On another "note", we try to send my mom mail on a regular basis, although sometimes we are better at it than others.  Just a card of any kind with a note -- my mom loves it and if you visit you will see that it's the gift that keeps on giving.  She displays every kind of card everywhere.  I had the kids each write a note to grandma and we've been mailing them every few days.  My mom used to LOVE to send cards to all of her friends and family (as I've mentioned before) and I now have a big box of all the cards she had accumulated.
     My mom and her friend, Jane, made several of these type note cards by gluing some cute material to plain note cards.  Don't know if they triggered any memories for my mom, but they are too cute not to use.  Here's Kristin's little note to grandma -- 

     We dropped in on my mom last Thursday on our way up north for a day.  This is how we found my mom when we arrived -- chillin' and watching tv. 

     I rarely see my mom lying down on the couch like this, so I snapped a quick picture.  She was actually having a pretty good day -- more lucid than some and seeming a bit like her old self...  The take away message, though, was that she wants some pop!!!  "Vernors, zero calorie, diet."  I assured her I would get on it.

     Kristin gave her the two dogs* to keep her company.  My mom seemed very happy and I am grateful for that!! 

*Washing Muffin the dog is going to take longer than I thought as I will have to stay through the wash and dry cycle...still on my list of "to do" items!

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Kerri said...

Can you imagine how suprised your mom and the other lady must have been when your mom walked into her apartment?! Wonder whats up with their keys?
I bet your mom looks forward to your notes and the kids' notes. Such a simple thing to do for others...yet not many people take the time to do it.