Ten on Ten - August


It's my third time linking up with Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine
and participating in "Ten on Ten"!!
For those who might not know, the idea is to find much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day!

     I have a quick little story before I share my set of "ten"...  You will see in one of the pictures below my son is actually looking at my blog on his new Kindle Fire which arrived in today's mail.  (He paid for it with his grass cutting money he has been earning this summer.)  While looking through the blog he came across my last set of Ten on Ten pictures.  I told him how I always forget to participate on the "tenth" and that "it figures" that today is the ninth.  Then, we both laughed and said "wait, today is the tenth"!!!!
     So you see, I believe things happen for a reason and that must have happened to remind me to put together a set and link up with Rebekah today.
     I kind of wish the tenth was yesterday, as I have some beautiful pictures of the my trip to Michigan's Lake Huron, but perhaps a separate post for those.  Today was a day full of errands and the ordinary... 

     Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoy!!!

Picked Up My Daughter From Marching Band Camp

Arrived Back Home to Jacob's Kindle Fire Delivery

Hit the Road to Do Some Errands

Finding Beauty at Bed Bath & Beyond

Even School Supplies Can Be Pretty

Grocery Shopping

Corn for Dinner

Raspberries for Dessert

Flowers on My Porch

Time to Catch Up on My Magazines


hannah singer said...

lovely colors! school supplies ARE pretty, and that corn looks yummy.


Amanda M. said...

Beautiful photos! I'm glad you can find the beauty in school supplies....I'm out of patience with those things!! lol :)

Keith and Julie said...

I remember my band camp days... awesome! Great photo of the band, too!

Nicolle said...

Hi Cindy! I'm stopping by to say hello, and I love your beautiful photos here. I've seen you on some of my other friends' blogs, and should have stopped by long ago. Have a good weekend!