**EXTRA EXTRA!** Yummy Smells for Sale

Don't ya love how I don't blog at all...and then two posts in less than 24 hours!? 
Because I love a good deal...I wanted to call your attention to a great coupon on Yankee Candles...Buy 2 Get 2 Free!!!!!  Although I have already done some damage on Bath & Body Works fall candles, there's still nothing like a classic large jar candle from Yankee.
I picked these up at my local Bath & Body Works. The candles are 25% off there right now, so $20.99 for the large jars.  For just under $42 I got four large jars...that about $10.50/each.  Pretty hard to find these for any less than that!!!

  I am thinking maybe this is an annual offer from Yankee as I realized I did a post on it last year.  I believe I gave a couple of the candles as gifts and kept a couple for myself!!!  If you bring one to Thanksgiving dinner...someone will love you!!
You can find some tips on where the coupon can be used and the coupon by clicking here.  Of course, there is a catch -- the last day for the coupon is tomorrow, 9/28!!!!!  
(Sorry, I just got mine yesterday!)
Run, don't walk to your local Yankee, Hallmark, Bed Bath & Beyond or
other participating store!!!
What's your favorite fall scent????????

Another link to coupon -- just in case!!!!


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Kim said...

That is a great deal. I love those big jar candles, especially when we lose power in those nasty winter storms.