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     I wanted to do this post a few weeks ago, but I thought I better not.  You see, I was noticing that many of you were getting your last days of summer vacation in, and scrambling for school supplies and just busy busy!!  Well, truth is, I was too!!  But, I had a little secret. 
     As many of you may or may not know, here in Michigan our public schools do not start classes until the day after Labor Day...thanks to this little law passed starting with the 2006-2007 school year.

Labor Day
Beginning in the 2006-2007 school year, public schools are prohibited from holding classes before Labor Day [MCL 380.1284b]. The law does not prohibit a public school from offering or requiring professional development for its personnel before Labor Day.
The provisions of the law would not apply in a district where a collective bargaining agreement providing a complete school calendar was in effect as of September 29, 2005, if that school calendar did not comply with the law. The prohibition, however, against holding classes before Labor Day would apply in that district after the terms of the collective bargaining agreement expired.
The requirement to start school after Labor Day would not apply to districts that are already operating a year-round school or program or an international baccalaureate academy that provides 1,160 hours of pupil instruction. If a district begins operating a year-round school or program after September 29, 2005, the district may apply to the superintendent of public instruction for a waiver from the requirement to start after Labor Day. The superintendent of public instruction would grant the waiver if it is determined that the school or program is a bona fide year-round school or program established for educational  purposes. The standards for determining a bona fide year-round school or program for the purposes of the waiver would be determined by the superintendent of public instruction.
An intermediate school district is also exempt from the requirement to start school after Labor Day if the intermediate school district (1) contracts with a constituent district or public school academy to provide programs and services for pupils; (2) operates a program or service within a school building owned by a constituent district or public school academy within the boundaries of the intermediate school district; or (3) provides instructional programs or services to pupils of a constituent district or public school academy. The constituent district or public school academy must also be exempt from the requirement by either obtaining a waiver, having a collective bargaining agreement that does not comply with the requirement to start after Labor Day, or by being an international baccalaureate academy. The programs or services provided by the intermediate school district must be provided according to the school district's or public school academy's calendar.
In addition, a public school that operates all of grades 6-12 at a single site, that aligns its high school curriculum with advanced placement courses as the capstone curriculum, and that ends the second semester concurrently with the end of the advanced placement examination period is exempt from the requirement to start school after Labor Day.
Michigan Department of Education http://www.michigan.gov/studentissues

     When I was a kid, I am quite sure school always started after Labor Day.  Then, somewhere along the way, things changed and I know even my kids were starting the last week or two of August when they were in elementary school.  I remember thinking...this is "not cool"!!!!!!  To me, summer's official end is Labor Day!!
Jacob and Kristin
Lexington, Michigan
(forced to hold hands)

     I felt bad that many of you start earlier...  I think most of us would agree summer is just too short!!  So, might I suggest you just consider perhaps -- moving to Michigan!!!???  Apparently, from what I understand, this law mandates the later start in an effort to give our Michigan tourism that extra boost of a week or two.  I, for one, think it's a good idea and think it should have always been that way -- but I didn't want those of you who started last week all "hating on me"!!!  Ha! 
     So, now that you all are hopefully relaxed and enjoying your Labor Day weekend what do you say!!???  Does Michigan have it right on the end of summer??? 
I know we have enjoyed having that extra time!!!!  Happy Labor Day weekend!!



Kerri said...

Lucky ducks!! There's only one school district that I know of around here that starts after Labor Day. I have always wondered why we go to school 4 days and then we always have a 4 day weekend and then go 4 days again that second week. However, now that I am working, it's kind of nice to go 4 days two weeks in a row...kind of feels like I am easing back into it! Hope you guys are enjoying your last bit of summer! :)

yaya said...

Your photo should be on a tourist page for Michigan! I think your state is so beautiful and my kids loved living in Grand Rapids for 2 yrs. I grew up in Chicago and we always started after labor day, but now they start in the middle of Aug. like they do around here. My form Mich. kiddos are now living in Oregon and they start on Tuesday. I think it's a good idea to wait until after labor day and go a few days later in June. But my kids are grown and gone so I don't think anyone will ask my opinion! I wish your kids good luck this year and I hope they enjoy every second..although if I remember my teen years well enough..they weren't always the "best years of your life"...

Kim said...

Our schools all start the day after labour day. As a kid it would have been horrible to start in August