The Untold Story...

     As September winds down, I find that I am not even close to being in a "groove" yet.  The routine and schedule I was craving in the summer seems to instead be that there is no routine.  No two days are exactly alike.  There are not days to regroup.  The closest we've had in awhile is...TODAY!  Somehow, the stars have aligned and today there is no football practice, no band, no soccer.  I feel better after being sick for three or four days.  And, wouldn't you know it, my husband returned from an out of town business trip today.  Today -- the day that pure chaos is not the norm!!  Of course, he thinks it's been like this all week!!
     Hang on while I take you on my own little merry-go-round of life!!!

Jacob's football season kicked off to a good start (that's Jacob, literally kicking it off!!)
THE UNTOLD STORY:  I missed the kickoff because I was down the street waiting for Megan to get out of physical therapy.
By the next game, I arrived to see my baby boy (who happens to be 13) sidelined with a tailbone injury...  I could see him struggling to hold back the tears through his helmet. 
Broke my heart. 
He should be able to start practicing again tomorrow.
In our spare time, we finally picked out a grown up shiny new refrigerator.  As you can see, we were "old school" for a long time.  
     THE UNTOLD STORY:   The morning delivery was scheduled, my husband texted me that he had turned off the water supply so that Lowes could hook up the ice maker.  They quickly found out the water supply was not shut off...

and now I know why I had a hard time getting a firm measurement commitment from my husband as to whether the new refrigerator would fit in our allocated space.  It did not.
But after removing some trim later that evening, he was able to slide the new refrigerator into the space! 
Things have been so crazy, I even resorted to doing this since nobody else seemed to have time for almost two weeks.
THE UNTOLD STORY:  When I cut the grass I had to work around this
which made it a lot more work. 
 Two days later, I was left with only this and the memories of my kids playing on the play structure.  Our well deserving friends came and picked it up.  (Truth is, I was a little bit sad, but mainly I regretted not waiting a couple more days to cut the grass.)
Then, should we even talk about the ongoing outdoor deck project.  Tons of progress was made Labor Day weekend and then...slowed considerably. 
  THE UNTOLD STORY:   Some of these boards are not nailed down...  Progress has slowed considerably, and on one recent stormy night Kristin and I were forced to try to save our gazebo (which was not weighted down like normal) from bending, breaking and blowing away from high winds.)

On a recent Saturday afternoon, we went right from a soccer game to the mall as it was Megan's only window for homecoming dress shopping.  Kristin came along to help.

THE UNTOLD STORY:  By the end of the night...closing time...this is how we all felt - exhausted, exasperated, hopeless!!!!  (No this is not the dress she ended up with!) 
 Yes -- she does have a dress!!

Kristin was trying so hard to be supportive of her sister at the mall...she was patient...
for so many hours
THE UNTOLD STORY:  By the end of the night even her sister agreed I should buy her those combat boots she wanted so badly.

We have only had one home football game so far this year and this rainbow appeared right before the game started.

THE UNTOLD STORY:  The band may have played harder than the team that night --
and we lost the game :(

     Kristin again tried out for the middle school volleyball team this year.

THE UNTOLD STORY:  She did not make the team...and, perhaps worse, a part of me was relieved because our schedule is already very full.  I am hoping her getting cut had more to do with the fact that she did not touch a volleyball for a year
(and not my already full schedule). 
Kristin went to the neighborhood church fair with a friend.  I ran down the usual rules with her, but apparently I didn't think of one...

THE UNTOLD STORY:  She came home with SIX goldfish.  I have honestly never been a big fan of portable fairs and rides...this didn't help! 
 As with many schools around the country, the football players wear
 a shirt and tie to school on game days.
THE UNTOLD STORY:  I honestly don't know how to tie a necktie (I know, that's terrible) and my husband was out of town.
Jacob quickly learned how on You Tube yesterday morning.
This week, with my husband gone and me being sick and all, I am grateful that Megan has been getting lots of rides to and from school and extracurricular activities.
THE UNTOLD STORY:  The rides are from one of her BFFs who just got her driver's license on Monday, and I am trying so hard not to be nervous!!
I went to the middle school and high school curriculum nights without my husband this year.
THE UNTOLD STORY:  I like it better when my husband goes along because then I can chat with the other moms and I don't have to pay attention to finding the classrooms --
I just follow him!!
We all have uploaded iOS 7 to our iPhones and iPads and I am liking it so far...
THE UNTOLD STORY:  I, for once, secretly wanted to be the first one
in our family to get it, but Kristin beat me!!!
If you're still here...thanks for following and playing along with THE UNTOLD STORY!!!



Shirley said...

Hi Cindy, It seems there is so many more activities for kids to be involved in then when my kids were in school. We didn't have some of the sports that they do now. I like my daughter's idea. You have to choose you can't do it all. My son learned what it is to have one in grade school and one in High School having something on the same night. One goes one way and one goes the other. The bugs have already been going around in the schools and the nursing home. Hope you are feeling better. Have a good weekend. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

The Pawlak Family said...

Cute untold stories!!!

RockinMom said...

WOW. Busy Lady. I loved this post.

Debi B. said...

I love all your stories but the story and then the untold story was really neat and pictures too.
By the way since you have no idea who I am...I am Debi, Daniell Harberstroth's Mom
Love your blog and pray for your Mom, my sister now has it too and I am so heartbroken, she is one of my best friends!
Sorry for the long post lol

Me said...

I am highly entertained by this one...Can't wait for your book!