Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Well, I checked in on my mom after my nice sunny vacation in Florida.  It had been about twelve days since I had seen her.  She was sitting comfortably in her new(ish) chair and Sheri was also there.  I brought her this "Someone Who Loves Me Very Much Brought Me This Tee-Shirt From Florida" t-shirt.  Interestingly, she never seemed to make the connection that it meant I had been in Florida -- and that's just fine because I have learned not to tell her when I will be away for a weekend or a week as it can trigger unnecessary anxiety in her.

Her Florida Souvenir

    By the time I arrived, she had been to exercise class and breakfast.  Sheri faithfully takes her each morning although she says she dozes off in exercise class.  I miss the days a year or so ago when she actively participated and was able to get herself to the class most of the time.  I'm still not sure if she sleeps at night, in a bed, for any length of time.  I think another sleepover is in my near future to see her latest habits (and spy on her caregivers ;).  
     However, overall she is looking better, gained a bit of weight, and mentally seems a bit better than six months ago.  I attribute that to her more reliable care which translates into less anxiety, agitation and confusion.  
     I am still waiting to hear if the Med Team staff can adjust some additional evening hours for Sheri so that I don't lose her to another better paying job with more hours.  I will be calling today and getting back on my squeaky wheel if I must!!!???
     Since things with my mom are relatively quiet, I wanted to take a minute to mention two things related to Alzheimer's Disease that particularly touched me this past week.
     The first was that I read and heard on the news that Seth Rogen, an actor and advocate of Alzheimer's Disease, testified in front of a Senate subcommittee this past week.  Sadly, when it was time for his presentation, only two of the eighteen members of the Subcommittee remained to listen.  How pathetic is that??  I guess it especially touched me perhaps because it is a metaphor for this disease.  Unless you have first hand experience and the responsibility of caring for a loved one with this disease, most people really aren't that interested.
      Among some of the things Seth Rogen said was this about Hollywood and movie making:
"I, as someone who makes movies, understand why it hasn’t been portrayed that much honestly because there’s nothing remotely uplifting about it, there’s no bright side to it, there’s no cure, there’s no treatment. It’s very hard to have an uplifting story about someone who has Alzheimer’s," said Rogen.
You can read more on this in the CNN article here.  I really don't get all "political" -- especially on this blog.  Frankly, I don't see this as politics -- I see it more as a life-threatening, health and awareness issue!
      The second thing that really touched my heart this past week was on Friday when I learned that my good blogger friend, Kim at Millie's Mats, had lost her mother to this disease.  (I had come to know Kim over the past year or so through, Kathy at Whispering Pines, who I think I met through Kerri (love my blogger friends)!)  Kim and I have shared experiences, advice and emails for awhile now and she has been giving such loving relentless care to her mom for years.  Her mom had finally been placed into a long term care facility only a couple of weeks ago, and I know Kim had advocated tirelessly on her mom's behalf throughout the whole process.  When you share such a similar journey, it is hard for me not to be touched by her loss.  What I especially love about Kim is her sense of humor has always remained in tact -- and she's an excellent "hooker" (see blog for details), knows how to have a fun "Girl's Night Out", and has the cutest little dog, Millie, whom she adores!  I'm sure she would appreciate any words of encouragement and prayers for strength at this difficult time.  I know some of you also follow her. 
     So, you see, in my own small feeble way I will keep plugging away and talking about my experiences in hopes of spreading a little compassion along the way!  Thanks for checking in!

A Tired Mom, After a Busy Morning


Maggie said...

Just discovered your blog. My mother has dementia, possibly Parkinson's, possibly AD, or a combination. Blessings on you in your journey. This is a hard road to walk.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I saw Seth's speech and thought it was fantastic. If more people will shed light perhaps more will start being done.

Jennifer said...

That's insanity that only two members stayed and listened. I am googling to find out who those other 16 were!