Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Always glad to have a week with only good things to report.  In spite of my mom's recent fall and ER visit, I continue to see positive signs which I attribute to the simple fact that she is finally getting better care.  I am still waiting to hear about trying to get more hours for Sheri and hoping I don't lose her to a better job opportunity.
     My brother and his daughter checked in on my mom on their way to a recent Detroit Pistons basketball game.  He sent me this picture and, as always, I know she appreciates having visitors!!
An Evening Visit from Granddaughter Nicole and Friends
     When I stopped in over the weekend, my mom was in the dining room at lunch.  This gave me a chance to snoop around her apartment and make sure all was well.  Thanks to Sheri, there wasn't much for me to do as far as tidying up.  So, I went to the dining room to visit with my mom.
The Sun Sometimes Shines Now...and Hints of St. Pat's and Easter
      She was still wearing her Mardi Gras beads and had added some St. Patrick's Day beads as they had just had a party the day before.  It looked like she had eaten a decent amount of her lunch.  Did I ever mention my mom's obsession with "pink lemonade".  She loves their pink lemonade and everybody knows that Mary wants her pink lemonade!!  Often, just the mention of it is enough incentive to get her to go to the dining room.  While I was there, the server brought her two pink lemonade cups as a reward for her eating her lunch.  I am always grateful when I see staff who "knows how to play the game".  My mom even offered one of the cups to me!  (Sharing is caring!) 
     One of the residents was asking me some questions, so I went to the next table to hear her better.  Barbara was commenting how good Sheri is with my mom.  It was nice that she has also seen the improvement in my mom.  She is a newer resident and unfortunately came in while my mom was at her worst.  She also "secretly" told me my mom had a "boyfriend".  I laughed and told her I knew about Don and that they had actually been companions for quite awhile.  Just then I looked over and my mom had sneaked over to the lobby area to sit with "the Don" who had been sitting there all along.  (It appeared he may have been "waiting" for my mom -- like the old days.)

Visiting for Lunch
      I chuckled to myself when I saw them and when I told them I wanted to take their picture my mom immediately put her head on his shoulder.  I showed the picture to them on my phone.  Don asked if I could enlarge the picture of "the lovebirds" for him!  It was cute to see them together again, I'm not gonna lie!!  Yet, I know if I ask her she will say "she never sees him anymore"!  Once again, "love has found a way"!!??
     I decided to leave them be.  What could be better than knowing my mom seemed happy, had eaten her lunch, had her pink lemonade, and a companion to talk to!!  

Mom and Don



Kim said...

Aww, a happy post! I'm glad your Mom and Don have each other. That is a sweet photo

yaya said...

Sweet photo! I'm glad all is going well. I love her pink crocks...must go with the lemonade! I hope these good times continue. Have a good rest of the week!

Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

Hi Cindy! This post brought tears to my eyes - I'm so happy that you are getting a tiny break and getting to be a 'visiting daughter'!! That's something everyone misses when going through this illness. Thanks for the happy photos! :)arlene