Thanksgiving 2013

     We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this past year, but I still want to remember it here in my little blog scrapbook (at least it's Thursday)...

     My family is very small, just one brother who happens to be a firefighter and was going to be working on Thanksgiving as he does many holidays.  My husband's family all live out of state, except one sister who lives two hours away.  So, without going into detail, what I'm trying to say is this year we were orphans...  Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but everyone seemed to have plans except us so we decided to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner.  Before I get in trouble though, my girlfriend Donna did invite us over for dinner with her family which was very nice of her and definitely would have been fun.
     In the end, I made the whole dinner myself although I did call for last minute plating help so that everything would be hot when served.  On the menu:  Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Shoepeg White Corn, Yeast Rolls, Cranberries (both ways), Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie.  (Okay, I bought the pies...)  I remember the stuffing was really good (and I could go for some about now)!
     Probably the most momentous thing that happened on Thanksgiving Day was that the Detroit Lions actually WON their traditional Thanksgiving Day game -- the game is a tradition, but the winning part has not been.  It had been ten years since they won a Thanksgiving Day game.
     After dinner, we brought the pie over to my mom's and had dessert with her at her apartment.  I blogged about that here.  
     One of the things I love about Thanksgiving is It's not about gifts, or cake, or decorations.  It's simply about being thankful for many things, including our family.

The Prep

The Peeling and Slicing

The Boiling

The Traditions

"The Turkey"

We Went Buffet Style

Casual, But Enough Food for Last Minute Guests

Kristin Has The Appetite of a Three Year Old!?

Hubby Has the Appetite of a Hubby
(and doesn't care if his foods touch each other)


Julia said...

Hummm, that's a nice Thanksgiving dinner, much like what I make. My traditional veggies are squash, broccoli and peas. That bean casserole looks delicious.

Like you I like the fact that it's all about being thankful with no gifts exchange.

yaya said...

I love Thanksgiving even though turkey has never been a favorite of mine. It's all about the sides! But mostly it's all about spending a day filled with tradition, family, friends, and being thankful for blessings. I love that! I'm sorry that commercial has slipped in with sales starting on that day...oh well, your feast was amazing and I'm starving right now! (I'd even go for a slice of turkey!}

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